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Week 7 TV Ratings and Analysis; How the Sitcoms Did

2015-16 Week 7 TV Ratings (first four nights Mon-Thu): 

Households: #1. CBS 5.92/10 rating/share (-22% in rating from first four nights week 6); #2. ABC  5.51/9 (+31%); #3. NBC 4.56/8 (-1%); #4. Fox 2.84/5 (-54%); #5. The CW 1.08/2 (+4%).
Total Viewers: #1. CBS 9.4565 million (-22% from first four nights week 6); #2. ABC 8.659 million (+33%); #3. NBC 7.264 million (even); #4. Fox 4.552 million (-56%); #5. The CW 1.736 million (+3%).
Adults 18-49: #1. ABC 2.17/7 rating/share (+36% in rating from first four nights week 6); #2. NBC 1.79/6 (+2%); #3. CBS 1.75/6 (-40%); #4. Fox 1.53/5 (-47%); #5. The CW 0.67/2 (+3%).

We have previous week's final ratings, Week 6 (10/26/15-11/1/15, LIVE+SD). Fox won the week for the first time in A18-49, thanks to the World Series, as Fox did a 3.60 rating.  NBC was #2 with a 2.31 rating. CBS was #3 with a 2.01 rating, while ABC was #4 with a 1.49 rating.  Among total viewers, Fox was also #1 with 12.993 million, with CBS #2 at 9.697 million.  NBC was #3 with 8.224 million and ABC at #4 with 6.027 million.

For season to-date (9/21/15-11/5/15, LIVE+SD), NBC is #1 in A18-49 with a 2.36 rating, followed by CBS at #2 with a 2.09 rating. Fox jumped to #3 with a 1.91 rating and ABC at #4 with a 1.65 rating. Among total viewers it is CBS #1 at 10.167 million, followed by NBC at #2 with 8.347 million, ABC #3 with 6.564 million and Fox #4 with 6.057 million.

Back to week 7 (Nov. 2-8), read our full night-by-night analysis followed by how the sitcoms did! GREAT showings are in BOLD. If they are in bold in both total viewers and 18-49, then it is very impressive:

Week 7 (Nov. 2-8) Analysis

Last Sunday (Nov. 1)(Week 6)This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
60 MinutesCBS7:00PM10,998,00010,705,000293,000 1.391.290.10
America's Funniest VideosABC7:00PM4,950,0005,338,000(388,000)0.981.06(0.08)
The GrinderFox7:00PM


Football Night in AmericaNBC7:30PM5,602,0006,494,000(892,000)1.712.33(0.62)
The OTFox7:30PM17,872,00012,120,0005,752,000
Madam SecretaryCBS8:00PM9,467,00010,812,000(1,345,000)1.121.25(0.13)
Once Upon a TimeABC8:00PM4,831,0005,122,000(291,000)1.541.63(0.09)
Football Night in AmericaNBC8:00PM13,287,00012,506,000781,000 4.554.430.12
World Series Pre GameFox8:00PM16,593,000
16,593,000 5.15
The SimpsonsFox8:00PM
MLB World Series Gm 5Fox8:15PM17,206,000
17,206,000 5.09
5.09 815-1234A
Sunday Night FootballNBC8:30PM23,010,00020,612,0002,398,000 8.197.600.59 831-1118P
Brooklyn Nine-NineFox8:30PM
The Good WifeCBS9:00PM7,552,0008,819,000(1,267,000)0.951.06(0.11)
Blood & OilABC9:00PM3,255,0003,768,000(513,000)0.820.92(0.10)
Family GuyFox9:00PM
Last Man on EarthFox9:30PM
CSI: CyberCBS10:00PM5,437,0006,542,000(1,105,000)0.750.85(0.10)




This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
SupergirlCBS8:00PM8,865,00012,955,000(4,090,000)2.193.15(0.96)vs 830-930P
The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PM
Dancing w/the StarsABC8:00PM12,087,00011,863,000224,000 1.851.800.05 8-10P
The VoiceNBC8:00PM12,059,00011,877,000182,000 8-10P
Crazy Ex-GirlfriendCW8:00PM945,000666,000279,000
ScorpionCBS9:00PM9,507,0009,692,000(185,000)1.881.90(0.02)vs. 930-11P
Minority ReportFox9:00PM1,753,0001,918,000(165,000)0.630.600.03
Jane the VirginCW9:00PM1,095,000942,000153,000 0.430.320.11
NCIS LACBS10:00PM8,409,000
8,409,000 1.26
Countdown to CMAABC10:00PM4,977,0004,471,000506,000 0.840.780.06 vs. Castle(R)


This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
NCISCBS8:00PM17,975,00016,815,0001,160,000 2.302.130.17
The MuppetsABC8:00PM4,556,0004,333,000223,000 1.421.43(0.01)
Best Time Ever/NPHNBC8:00PM5,055,0004,177,000878,000 1.351.060.29
3,715,000 0.96
MLB World Series Gm1Fox8:00PM
The FlashCW8:00PM3,865,0003,426,000439,000 1.491.390.10
Fresh off the BoatABC8:30PM4,452,0004,066,000386,000 1.571.470.10
The GrinderFox8:30PM2,518,000
2,518,000 0.82
NCIS: New OrleansCBS9:00PM14,149,00013,057,0001,092,000 1.911.620.29
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.ABC9:00PM3,840,0003,806,00034,000 1.401.45(0.05)
The VoiceNBC9:00PM8,215,00010,225,000(2,010,000)1.962.59(0.63)REPEAT
Scream QueensFox9:00PM2,442,000
2,442,000 0.96
LimitlessCBS10:00PM7,863,0007,453,000410,000 1.471.410.06
Wicked CityABC10:00PM2,422,0003,281,000(859,000)0.690.88(0.19)
Chicago FireNBC10:00PM8,109,0007,803,000306,000 1.791.92(0.13)

This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
SurvivorCBS8:00PM8,795,0008,484,000311,000 2.042.06(0.02)
CMA AwardsABC8:00PM13,620,000
13,620,000 3.83
3.83 8-11P
The MiddleABC8:00PM
The Mysteries of LauraNBC8:00PM6,998,0006,349,000649,000
5,049,000 1.51
MLB World Series Gm2Fox8:00PM
The GoldbergsABC8:30PM
Criminal MindsCBS9:00PM7,793,0007,642,000151,000 1.481.60(0.12)
Modern FamilyABC9:00PM
Law & Order: SVUNBC9:00PM6,547,000
6,547,000 1.51
Chicago P.D.NBC9:00PM
11,677,000 4.64
Code BlackCBS10:00PM6,444,0005,958,000486,000
Chicago P.D.NBC10:00PM6,475,000
6,475,000 1.43

This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PM14,811,00011,104,0003,707,000 3.703.350.35 vs. NFL Kick
Grey's AnatomyABC8:00PM8,504,0006,543,0001,961,000 2.311.720.59 vs. Charlie Brown
Heroes RebornNBC8:00PM3,975,0003,946,00029,000
The Vampire DiariesCW8:00PM1,335,0001,237,00098,000 0.550.57(0.02)
Life In PiecesCBS8:30PM7,881,000
7,881,000 1.88
CBS Thursday NFLCBS8:30PM
7,279,000 1.53
ScandalABC9:00PM8,026,0007,802,000224,000 2.252.31(0.06)
Sleepy HollowFox9:00PM3,039,0004,572,000(1,533,000)0.901.10(0.20)
The OriginalsCW9:00PM968,0001,068,000(100,000)0.370.39(0.02)
The Big Bang TheoryCBS9:30PM6,211,000
6,211,000 1.35
5,583,000 1.05
How To Get Away W/MurderABC10:00PM6,487,0006,272,000215,000 1.871.810.06
The PlayerNBC10:00PM3,220,0003,867,000(647,000)0.750.720.03

Friday(PRELIMINARY #s) This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
The Amazing RaceCBS8:00PM5,859,0006,072,000(213,000)1.101.17(0.07)
Last Man StandingABC8:00PM6,840,0006,937,000(97,000)1.201.26(0.06)
UndateableNBC8:00PM2,698,0002,602,00096,000 0.700.75(0.05)
MasterChef JrFox8:00PM4,123,000
4,123,000 1.30
MLB World Series Gm3Fox8:00PM
ReignCW8:00PM992,000749,000243,000 0.300.230.07 vs. Crazy(R)
Dr. KenABC8:30PM5,415,0005,770,000(355,000)1.201.23(0.03)
Truth Be ToldNBC8:30PM2,141,0002,201,000(60,000)0.600.71(0.11)
Hawaii Five-0CBS9:00PM8,749,0008,345,000404,000
Shark TankABC9:00PM6,693,0006,163,000530,000 1.601.430.17
World's FunniestFox9:00PM2,228,000
2,228,000 0.80
America's Next Top ModelCW9:00PM932,000933,000(1,000)0.300.230.07
Blue BloodsCBS10:00PM10,752,0009,695,0001,057,000
DatelineNBC10:00PM4,197,0003,312,000885,000 1.000.780.22

Saturday(PRELIMINARY #s) This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
College FootballCBS8:00PM10,680,000
10,680,000 3.40
3.40 8-11P
Crimetime SaturdayCBS8:00PM
Saturday Night FootballABC8:00PM4,630,0005,977,000(1,347,000)1.201.74(0.54)8-11P
Dateline MysteryNBC8:00PM3,960,0003,892,00068,000 0.600.580.02 8-10P
College FootballFox8:00PM1,130,00013,587,000(12,457,000)0.303.41(3.11)8-11P vs World Series
48 Hours MysteryCBS9:00PM
48 Hours MysteryCBS10:00PM
SNL(R) NBC10:00PM3,550,0003,061,000489,000 0.700.72(0.02)REPEAT

Sitcoms in green did excellent for the week, while yellow indicates OK showings and red is not good! This is sorted by adults 18-49:

Week 7 (Nov. 2-8) How the Sitcoms Did
(Sun comedies are previous week and Fri/Sat are prelim ratings)
Sorted by 18-49 Rtg
TitleNetworkTimeDayTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes

The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PMThu14,811,0003.70
Life In PiecesCBS8:30PMThu7,881,0001.88
Fresh off the BoatABC8:30PMTue4,452,0001.57
The MuppetsABC8:00PMTue4,556,0001.42
The Big Bang TheoryCBS9:30PMThu6,211,0001.35REPEAT
Dr. KenABC8:30PMFri5,415,0001.2
Last Man StandingABC8:00PMFri6,840,0001.2
The GrinderFox8:30PMTue2,518,0000.82
Truth Be ToldNBC8:30PMFri2,141,0000.6
The SimpsonsFox8:00PMSun

The GoldbergsABC8:30PMWed

Brooklyn Nine-NineFox8:30PMSun

The MiddleABC8:00PMWed


Modern FamilyABC9:00PMWed

Family GuyFox9:00PMSun

The Last Man on EarthFox9:30PMSun

The GrinderFox7:00PMSun

Bob's BurgersFox7:30PMSun

The GrinderFox8:30PMSat


Significant MotherCW9:30PMMon

2 Broke GirlsCBS9:30PMThu

prem 11/12
Mike & MollyCBS8:30PMMon

The Odd CoupleCBS8:30PMThu

Angel from HellCBS9:30PMThu

Uncle BuckABC8:30PMFri


New GirlFox9:00PMTue

The Guide to Surviving LifeFox9:30PMTue


SOURCE: Nielsen Media Research

Sitcoms Airing Tonight

Tuesday, November 12

The Conners - "Tempest in a Stew Pot" (ABC, 8:00PM ET/PT)
Jackie and Becky pitch their business plan to Darlene in hopes of getting the Lunch Box back, but Darlene’s decision leads to hostility among the three. Meanwhile, Dan bans Odessa from the house, causing a rift with Harris; and Mark makes extensive Thanksgiving plans that may inevitably fall apart.

Bless This Mess - "The Visit" (ABC, 8:30PM ET/PT)
Donna springs a last-minute trip to Nebraska on Mike and Rio, which she claims is to relax, but Mike and Rio soon find out she has other plans in mind when she steps into competitive mode to get them to participate in the harvest. Meanwhile, Constance’s son Brandon is driving her crazy working at the store, so she pawns him off on Rudy.

mixed-ish - "Puttin' on the Ritz" (ABC, 9:00PM ET/PT)
The kids are excited to learn more about their grandad after Harrison invites the crew to family day at his country club. Although Paul thinks it’s a bad idea, he is eventually overruled. Meanwhile, Alicia attempts to fit in at the country club but ends up fighting with Denise about keeping it real.

black-ish - "Daughters for Dummies" (ABC, 9:30PM ET/PT)
When Dre realizes that his relationship with Diane has been distant, he plans some daddy-daughter bonding sessions, but the plans backfire when he realizes the interest is one-sided. Meanwhile, Bow covers for Junior at his ChoreBoar gig.

Complete TV Listings

Sitcom Stars on Talk Shows (Week of November 11)

Tuesday, November 12

  • Patrick Stewart (Blunt Talk) - Catch Patrick on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at 11:35pm on ABC.
  • Da'Vine Joy Randolph (People of Earth) - Da'Vine appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at 11:35pm on ABC.
  • Kristen Bell (The Good Place) - Kristen visits The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at 11:35pm on NBC. She also talks about Frozen 2 on ABC's Good Morning America sometime between 7-9am and on The View on ABC at 11am ET/10am CT-PT.
  • Laurie Metcalf (The Conners/Roseanne/The McCarthys/Getting On/The Norm Show) - Laurie stops by The Late Late Show with James Corden at 12:37am on CBS.
  • Jenny Slate (Married/Parks and Recreation/Bob's Burgers) - Jenny is a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden at 12:37am on CBS.
  • Rob Schneider (Real Rob/Rob) and Esther Povitsky (Dollface/Alone Together) - Rob and Esther are panelists on Lights Out with David Spade at 11:30pm on Comedy Central.
  • Lizzy Caplan (Party Down/The Class) - Lizzy drops by Conan at 11pm on TBS.
  • Ilana Glazer (Broad City) - Ilana appears on Watch What Happens: Live at 11pm on Bravo.
  • Laura Dern (F Is for Family/Enlightened) - Laura is a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, so check your local listings.
  • Robin Givens (Head of the Class) - Robin visits The Real, so check your local listings.
  • Donald Faison (The Exes/Scrubs/Clueless) - Donald appears on The Real, so check your local listings.
  • Nicole Byer (Loosely Exactly Nicole) - Nicole is a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show, so check your local listings.
  • Tim Robbins (The Brink) - Tim talks about Dark Waters on New York Live on WNBC in New York at 11:30am ET.
  • Kristin Davis (Sex and the City/Bad Teacher) - Kristin talks about Holiday in the Wild on NBC's Today in the 9am hour.

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