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Week 18 TV Ratings and Analysis; How the Sitcoms Did

2013-14 Week 18 TV Ratings (first four nights, Mon-Thu): 

Households: #1. CBS 5.6/9 rating/share (-11% from first four nights Week 17); #2. Fox 5.0/8 (-11%); #3. ABC 3.7/6 (even); #4. NBC 3.5/6 (+6%); #5. The CW 1.2/2 (even)
Total Viewers: #1. CBS 8.81 million (-12% from first four nights Week 17); #2. Fox 8.42 million (-12%); #3. ABC 5.62 million (even); #4. NBC 5.52 million (+5%); #5. The CW 1.9 million (+8%).
Adults 18-49: #1. Fox 2.6/7 rating/share (-13% from first four nights Week 17); #2. CBS 1.7/5 (-15%); #3. ABC 1.6/4 (even); #4. NBC 1.6/4 (even) #5. The CW 0.8/2 (+33%)

For previous week's final ratings, Week 17 (1/13/14-1/19/14) had Fox win the week in 18-49 with a 5.7 rating thanks to NFL NFC Championship Game in prime, followed by CBS' 1.5,  ABC's 1.4 and NBC's 1.3. In total viewers, Fox also lead with 17.24 million, beating CBS which did 8.36 million, ABC followed with 5.15, and NBC trailed with 4.59 million.
Season to-date (9/23/13-1/19/14) in 18-49, NBC leads with a 2.9, followed by CBS with a 2.6, Fox with a 2.5 and ABC at a 2.2. In total viewers, CBS is on top with 11.32 million, then NBC 9.29, ABC 7.67 and Fox at 7.38.

Back to week 18, read our full night-by-night analysis followed by how the sitcoms did! GREAT showings are in BOLD. If they are in bold in both total viewers and 18-49, then it is very impressive:

Week 18 (Jan. 20-26) Analysis

Last Sunday (Jan. 19)(Week 17)This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
60 MinutesCBS7:00PM7,889,00017,060,000(9,171,000)1.304.03(2.73)REPEAT
America's Funniest VideosABC7:00PM4,394,0005,076,000(682,000)0.901.03(0.13)REPEAT
Golden Globe ArrivalNBC7:00PM
NFL NFC Championship Fox7:00PM55,911,000
Animation DominationFox7:00PM
Animation DominationFox7:30PM
The OTFox7:30PM30,339,000
The Good WifeCBS8:00PM4,421,000
The Bachelor SpecialABC8:00PM3,937,0003,343,000594,0000.930.97(0.04)
Golden Globe AwardsNBC8:00PM
The SimpsonsFox8:00PM
Bob's BurgersFox8:30PM
The MentalistCBS9:00PM4,568,0009,847,000(5,279,000)0.701.83(1.13)REPEAT vs. Good Wife
NBC MovieNBC9:00PM3,215,000
Family GuyFox9:00PM
American Dad!Fox9:30PM
The FollowingFox10:00PM11,179,000
4.45premiere, 1019P
Criminal MindsCBS10:00PM6,188,0009,581,000(3,393,000)1.001.77(0.77)REPEAT vs. The Menatlist


This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
How I Met Your MotherCBS8:00PM8,827,0008,589,000238,0003.073.030.04
The BachelorABC8:00PM7,936,0007,956,000(20,000)2.302.270.038-10P
Hollywood Game NightNBC8:00PM4,715,0005,537,000(822,000)1.331.85(0.52)vs. Ninja Warrior 8-10P
Sleepy HollowFox8:00PM6,823,0006,879,000(56,000) Almost Human
Hart of DixieCW8:00PM998,0001,185,000(187,000)0.390.46(0.07)
2 Broke GirlsCBS8:30PM9,027,0008,945,00082,0002.702.72(0.02)
Mike & MollyCBS9:00PM8,916,0009,837,000(921,000)2.092.40(0.31)
Hollywood Game NightNBC9:00PM4,230,000
Sleep HollowFox9:00PM7,047,0006,462,000585,0002.352.210.14FINALE
Beauty & the BeastCW9:00PM738,000713,00025,0000.310.270.04
The BlacklistNBC10:00PM8,832,0009,348,000(516,000)2.302.54(0.24)


This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.ABC8:00PM3,582,0006,368,000(2,786,000)0.902.23(1.33)REPEAT
The Biggest LoserNBC8:00PM6,717,0005,561,0001,156,0001.931.680.258-10P
Brooklyn Nine-NineFox8:30PM4,546,0003,527,0001,019,0001.911.410.50
The OriginalsCW8:00PM2,512,0002,066,000446,0001.090.950.14
NCIS: LACBS9:00PM10,417,00015,874,000(5,457,000)1.502.38(0.88)REPEAT
The GoldbergsABC9:00PM4,707,0004,889,000(182,000)1.471.76(0.29)
New GirlFox9:00PM3,753,0003,244,000509,0001.851.580.27
Trophy WifeABC9:30PM3,368,0003,463,000(95,000)0.931.08(0.15)
The Mindy ProjectFox9:30PM3,016,0002,473,000543,0001.451.130.32
Person of InterestCBS10:00PM7,353,00012,539,000(5,186,000)1.102.04(0.94)REPEAT
Killer WomenABC10:00PM3,619,0003,514,000105,0000.670.73(0.06)
Chicago FireNBC10:00PM7,131,0006,765,000366,0001.841.810.03

This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
Crazy OnesCBS8:00PM3,865,0005,356,000(1,491,000)0.801.15(0.35)REPEAT vs. 2.5 Men (R)
The MiddleABC8:00PM8,043,0007,513,000530,0002.261.810.45
MomCBS8:30PM3,871,0004,782,000(911,000)0.901.08(0.18)REPEAT vs. Millers (R)
American IdolFox8:00PM13,287,00015,188,000(1,901,000)4.014.66(0.65)8-10P
Criminal MindsCBS9:00PM10,351,00010,355,000(4,000)2.222.41(0.19)
Modern FamilyABC9:00PM9,590,0009,143,000447,0003.423.210.21
Law & Order: SVUNBC9:00PM6,683,0005,435,0001,248,0001.851.450.40
Super Fun NightABC9:30PM4,833,0004,443,000390,0001.671.490.18
Tomorrow PeopleCW9:00PM1,357,0001,457,000(100,000)0.510.53(0.02)
Chicago P.D.NBC10:00PM6,236,0005,505,000731,0001.621.460.16

This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PM12,938,00012,033,000905,0003.002.890.11REPEAT
The TasteABC8:00PM4,023,0003,268,000755,0001.100.950.15
American IdolFox8:00PM12,391,00013,353,000(962,000)3.403.91(0.51)vs. 8-10P
Critics Choice AwardsCW8:00PM
The Vampire DiariesCW8:00PM2,720,000
The MillersCBS8:30PM8,856,0007,832,0001,024,0001.901.870.03REPEAT
Parks & RecreationNBC8:30PM2,975,0003,050,000(75,000)1.201.22(0.02)
The Big Bang TheoryCBS9:00PM9,881,0005,216,0004,665,0002.501.171.33REPEAT vs. Crazy Ones (R)
Sean Saves the WorldNBC9:00PM2,582,0002,668,000(86,000)0.700.83(0.13)930P
The Crazy OnesCBS9:30PM6,052,0005,284,000768,0001.401.210.19REPEAT vs. 2.5 Men (R)
The Michael J. Fox ShowNBC9:30PM2,185,0001,992,000193,0000.700.590.119P
Shark TankABC10:00PM4,052,0003,644,000408,0001.201.180.02REPEAT

Friday(PRELIMINARY #s) This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
Undercover BossCBS8:00PM6,390,0008,976,000(2,586,000)1.201.64(0.44)REPEAT
Last Man StandingABC8:00PM6,343,0006,222,000121,0001.401.44(0.04)
Carrie DiariesCW8:00PM917,000865,00052,0000.300.36(0.06)
The NeighborsABC8:30PM3,874,0003,711,000163,0000.900.92(0.02)
Hawaii Five-0CBS9:00PM8,053,00010,634,000(2,581,000)1.001.50(0.50)REPEAT
Shark TankABC9:00PM8,115,0007,435,000680,0002.202.080.12
EnlistedFox9:00PM3,226,0002,496,000730,0001.000.720.28vs. Raising
Raising HopeFox9:30PM2,384,0002,014,000370,0000.800.620.18vs. Enlisted
Blue BloodsCBS10:00PM9,681,00012,620,000(2,939,000)1.001.40(0.40)REPEAT

Saturday(PRELIMINARY #s) This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
ABC MovieABC8:00PM2,210,0002,725,000(515,000)0.500.80(0.30)8-10P
Shaun White SpecialNBC8:00PM2,150,0002,729,000(579,000)0.400.50(0.10)8-10P vs. Chicago PD (R)
UFC on FoxFox8:00PM2,550,000
Almost HumanFox8:00PM
The FollowingFox9:00PM
48 Hours MysteryCBS10:00PM5,240,0003,020,0002,220,0000.800.470.33
SNL (R) NBC10:00PM2,670,0002,622,00048,0000.900.800.10REPEAT

Sitcoms in green did excellent for the week, while yellow indicates OK showings and red is not good! This is sorted by adults 18-49:

Week 18 (Jan. 20-26) How the Sitcoms Did
(Sun comedies are previous week and Fri/Sat are prelim ratings)
Sorted by 18-49 Rtg
TitleNetworkTimeDayTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes

Modern FamilyABC9:00PMWed9,590,0003.42
How I Met Your MotherCBS8:00PMMon8,827,0003.07
The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PMThur12,938,0003.00REPEAT
2 Broke GirlsCBS8:30PMMon9,027,0002.70
The Big Bang TheoryCBS9:00PMThur9,881,0002.50REPEAT
The MiddleABC8:00PMWed8,043,0002.26
Mike & MollyCBS9:00PMMon8,916,0002.09
Brooklyn Nine-NineFox8:30PMTues4,546,0001.91
The MillersCBS8:30PMThur8,856,0001.90REPEAT
New GirlFox9:00PMTues3,753,0001.85
Super Fun NightABC9:30PMWed4,833,0001.67
The GoldbergsABC9:00PMTues4,707,0001.47
The Mindy ProjectFox9:30PMTues3,016,0001.45
Last Man StandingABC8:00PMFri6,343,0001.4
The Crazy OnesCBS9:30PMThur6,052,0001.40REPEAT
Parks & RecreationNBC8:30PMThur2,975,0001.20
Trophy WifeABC9:30PMTues3,368,0000.93
The NeighborsABC8:30PMFri3,874,0000.9
The Crazy OnesCBS8:00PMWed3,865,0000.80REPEAT
Raising HopeFox9:30PMFri2,384,0000.8
Sean Saves the WorldNBC9:00PMThur2,582,0000.709:30P
Comedytime (R) CBS8:30PMSat3,600,0000.7REPEAT
The Michael J. Fox ShowNBC9:30PMThur2,185,0000.70
Comedytime (R) CBS8:00PMSat3,360,0000.6REPEAT
Family GuyFox9:00PMSun

American Dad!Fox9:30PMSun

The SimpsonsFox8:00PMSun

Bob's BurgersFox8:30PMSun

Two and a Half MenCBS9:30PMThur

The Crazy OnesCBS9:00PMThur

Animnation DominationFox7:30PMSun

Animation DominationFox7:00PMSun

We Are MenCBS8:30PMMon

Welcome to the FamilyNBC8:30PMThur

Back in the GameABC8:30PMWed


SOURCE: Nielsen Media Research

Sitcoms Airing Tonight

Wednesday, August 5

United We Fall - "My Favorite Marta" (ABC, 8:00PM ET/PT)
Jo steps in as a role model for her teenage niece, Marta, much to her strict father Chuy’s dismay. Bill plays matchmaker for Sandy who, under the influence of post-colonoscopy drugs, inadvertently professes her love for her first husband, Dave.

The Goldbergs - "Schmoopie's Big Adventure" (ABC, 8:30PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
Mother and son have a bonding experience when Beverly buys a bicycle for Adam just like the one from “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure,” while Barry and Erica turn Murray’s furniture store into an after-hours lounge for college students.

The Conners - "Live From Lanford" (ABC, 9:00PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
Mark is watching the results of the primary for a school report with Harris who is apathetic to the electoral process and believes money’s influence in politics means real change is impossible. The rest of the Conners share their differing takes on why they all think everyone should vote, including their working-class perspective that you may have to vote for a candidate you don’t love but one that will “screw you the least.” All of this happens against the backdrop of romance when Louise (guest star Katey Sagal) gets an opportunity that might send her away from Lanford, prompting the family to interfere in Dan’s (John Goodman) complicated relationship with her by throwing Louise a surprise going-away party, creating major new tensions between Dan and his daughters.

American Housewife - "Senior Prank" (ABC, 9:30PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
Against Greg’s better judgment, Katie pushes Taylor to lighten up and participate in her school’s senior prank. Meanwhile, Anna-Kat asks Oliver to give Franklin (Evan O’Toole) a makeover so he won’t embarrass himself at a classmate’s party.

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Wednesday, August 5

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  • Seth Rogen (Undeclared) - Seth is a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers at 12:36am on NBC.
  • Gillian Jacobs (Love/Community) - Gillian appears on Late Night with Seth Meyers at 12:36am on NBC.
  • David Tennant (Final Space) - David is a guest on a repeat of The Late Late Show with James Corden at 12:37am on CBS.
  • Karen Gillan (Selfie) - Karen appears on a repeat of A Little Late with Lilly Singh at 1:35am on NBC.
  • Jerry O'Connell (We Are Men/Carpoolers) - Jerry is a guest on Watch What Happens: Live at 10pm on Bravo. He also talks about The Secret: Dare to Dream on NBC's Today in the 10am hour.
  • Steven Weber (Indebted/Cursed/Wings) - Steven appears on a repeat of The Real, so check your local listings.
  • Rob Riggle (Rob Riggle's Ski Master Academy/Golan the Insatiable) - Rob is a guest on a repeat of The Real, so check your local listings.
  • Lecy Goranson (The Conners/Roseanne) - Lecy talks about the season finale of The Conners on a repeat of Tamron Hall, so check your local listings.
  • Cedric Yarbrough (Carol's Second Act/Speechless/Reno 911!) - Cedric talks about the return of Reno 911! on a repeat of Tamron Hall, so check your local listings.

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