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Week 17 TV Ratings and Analysis; How the Sitcoms Did

2013-14 Week 17 TV Ratings (first four nights, Mon-Thu): 

Households: #1. CBS 6.3/10 rating/share (-6% from first four nights Week 16); #2. Fox 5.6/9 (+180%); #3. ABC 3.7/6 (-3%); #4. NBC 3.3/5 (-6%); #5. The CW 1.2/2 (+140%)
Total Viewers: #1. CBS 9.99 million (-7% from first four nights Week 16); #2. Fox 9.58 million (+192%); #3. ABC 5.63 million (-5%); #4. NBC 5.28 million (-2%); #5. The CW 1.76 million (+105%).
Adults 18-49: #1. Fox 3.0/9 rating/share (+150% from first four nights Week 16); #2. CBS 2.0/6 (-9%); #3. ABC 1.6/5 (-6%); #4. NBC 1.6/4 (+7%) #5. The CW 0.6/2 (+100%)

For previous week's final ratings, Week 16 (1/6/14-1/12/14) had CBS win the week in 18-49 with a 3.8 rating thanks to NFL action, followed by NBC's 2.0,  ABC's 1.4 and Fox's 1.3. In total viewers, CBS also lead with 15.19 million, beating NBC which did 7.18 million, ABC followed with 5.16, and Fox trailed with 3.67 million.
Season to-date (9/23/13-1/12/14) in 18-49, NBC leads with a 3.0, followed by CBS with a 2.6, Fox with a 2.3 and ABC at a 2.2. In total viewers, CBS is on top with 11.44 million, then NBC 9.55, ABC 7.8 and Fox at 6.76.

Back to week 17, read our full night-by-night analysis followed by how the sitcoms did! GREAT showings are in BOLD. If they are in bold in both total viewers and 18-49, then it is very impressive:

Week 17 (Jan. 13-19) Analysis

Last Sunday (Jan. 12)(Week 16)This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
60 MinutesCBS7:00PM17,060,0007,955,0009,105,0004.031.272.76804P vs. 7P
America's Funniest VideosABC7:00PM5,076,0006,824,000(1,748,000)1.031.57(0.54)
Golden Globe ArrivalNBC7:00PM6,685,000
Animation DominationFox7:00PM1,966,000
Animation DominationFox7:30PM2,435,000
The OTFox7:30PM
The Bachelor SpecialABC8:00PM3,343,0006,400,000(3,057,000)0.971.83(0.86)
Golden Globe AwardsNBC8:00PM20,874,000
The SimpsonsFox8:00PM4,828,0009,741,000(4,913,000)2.244.55(2.31)
Bob's BurgersFox8:30PM4,202,0005,772,000(1,570,000)2.022.94(0.92)
The Good WifeCBS9:00PM9,847,0009,412,000435,0001.831.440.39904P
Jimmy Fallon SpecialNBC9:00PM
Family GuyFox9:00PM5,222,0005,885,000(663,000)2.693.07(0.38)
American Dad!Fox9:30PM4,473,0005,263,000(790,000)2.292.54(0.25)
The MentalistCBS10:00PM9,581,00010,224,000(643,000)1.771.570.201004P


This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
How I Met Your MotherCBS8:00PM8,589,0006,820,0001,769,0003.031.701.33vs. 2 Broke Girls (R)
The BachelorABC8:00PM7,956,0008,648,000(692,000)2.272.73(0.46)8-10P
American Ninja WarriorNBC8:00PM5,537,000
The BlacklistNBC8:00PM
Almost HumanFox8:00PM6,879,0006,353,000526,0002.011.780.23
Hart of DixieCW8:00PM1,185,000670,000515,0000.460.200.26vs. REPEAT
2 Broke GirlsCBS8:30PM8,945,0005,180,0003,765,0002.721.301.42vs. Mom (R)
Mike & MollyCBS9:00PM9,837,000
The BlacklistNBC9:00PM
Sleep HollowFox9:00PM6,462,0002,800,0003,662,0002.210.801.41vs. REPEAT
Beauty & the BeastCW9:00PM713,000520,000193,0000.270.200.07vs. REPEAT
IntellgenceCBS10:00PM6,200,0004,691,0001,509,0001.150.990.16vs. Hostages
The BlacklistNBC10:00PM9,348,0004,170,0005,178,0002.541.101.44vs. REPEAT


This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.ABC8:00PM6,368,0006,631,000(263,000)
The Biggest LoserNBC8:00PM5,561,0005,458,000103,0001.681.660.028-10P
Brooklyn Nine-NineFox8:30PM3,527,0003,443,00084,0001.411.50(0.09)
The OriginalsCW8:00PM2,066,000910,0001,156,0000.950.300.65vs. REPEAT
NCIS: LACBS9:00PM15,874,00016,485,000(611,000)2.382.39(0.01)vs. Intelligence
The GoldbergsABC9:00PM4,889,0005,284,000(395,000)1.761.710.05
New GirlFox9:00PM3,244,0003,196,00048,0001.581.64(0.06)
Trophy WifeABC9:30PM3,463,0003,832,000(369,000)1.081.14(0.06)
The Mindy ProjectFox9:30PM2,473,0002,616,000(143,000)1.131.30(0.17)
SupernaturalCW9:00PM2,210,000890,0001,320,0001.030.400.63vs. REPEAT
Person of InterestCBS10:00PM12,539,00012,102,000437,0002.041.950.09
Killer WomenABC10:00PM3,514,0003,956,000(442,000)0.730.86(0.13)
Chicago FireNBC10:00PM6,765,0006,872,000(107,000)1.811.95(0.14)

This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
Two and a Half MenCBS8:00PM5,356,0005,940,000(584,000)1.151.50(0.35)REPEAT vs. 2 Broke Girls (R)
The MiddleABC8:00PM7,513,0008,821,000(1,308,000)1.812.22(0.41)
The MillersCBS8:30PM4,782,0006,350,000(1,568,000)1.081.50(0.42)REPEAT vs. 2 Broke Girls (R)
SuburgatoryABC8:30PM5,297,0004,871,000426,0001.561.510.05premiere, vs. Super Fun Night
American IdolFox8:00PM15,188,0002,910,00012,278,0004.661.203.468-10P vs. Fox Movie
ArrowCW8:00PM2,516,0001,150,0001,366,0000.940.300.64vs. REPEAT
People's Choice AwardsCBS9:00PM
Criminal MindsCBS9:00PM10,355,000
Modern FamilyABC9:00PM9,143,0009,513,000(370,000)3.213.46(0.25)
Law & Order: SVUNBC9:00PM5,435,0008,815,000(3,380,000)1.452.13(0.68)
Super Fun NightABC9:30PM4,443,0004,683,000(240,000)1.491.69(0.20)
Tomorrow PeopleCW9:00PM1,457,000750,000707,0000.530.200.33vs. REPEAT
NashvilleABC10:00PM5,097,0003,850,0001,247,0001.311.40(0.09)vs. David Blaine (R)
Chicago P.D.NBC10:00PM5,505,0008,589,000(3,084,000)1.462.13(0.67)

This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PM12,033,00020,345,000(8,312,000)2.895.68(2.79)REPEAT
The TasteABC8:00PM3,268,0004,472,000(1,204,000)0.951.28(0.33)
American IdolFox8:00PM13,353,000
3.918-10P Premiere
Sleepy HollowFox8:00PM
Critics Choice AwardsCW8:00PM1,978,000
The Vampire DiariesCW8:00PM
The MillersCBS8:30PM7,832,00013,386,000(5,554,000)1.873.26(1.39)REPEAT
Parks & RecreationNBC8:30PM3,050,0003,425,000(375,000)1.221.47(0.25)
The Crazy OnesCBS9:00PM5,216,0009,522,000(4,306,000)1.172.41(1.24)REPEAT
Sean Saves the WorldNBC9:00PM2,668,0003,121,000(453,000)0.830.99(0.16)
Sleepy HollowFox9:00PM
Two and a Half MenCBS9:30PM5,284,0009,579,000(4,295,000)1.212.40(1.19)REPEAT
The Michael J. Fox ShowNBC9:30PM1,992,0003,111,000(1,119,000)0.590.96(0.37)
Shark TankABC10:00PM3,644,0002,920,000724,0001.180.600.58REPEAT vs. Assets

Friday(PRELIMINARY #s) This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
Undercover BossCBS8:00PM8,996,0005,046,0003,950,0001.600.870.73vs. Intelligence (R)
Last Man StandingABC8:00PM6,330,0007,173,000(843,000)1.401.52(0.12)
DatelineNBC8:00PM6,975,0003,606,0003,369,0001.500.760.74vs. Going for Gold
Carrie DiariesCW8:00PM898,000837,00061,0000.400.300.10
The NeighborsABC8:30PM3,779,0004,909,000(1,130,000)0.901.12(0.22)
Hawaii Five-0CBS9:00PM10,417,00010,442,000(25,000)1.501.55(0.05)
Shark TankABC9:00PM7,388,0007,305,00083,0002.102.100.00
Raising HopeFox9:00PM2,510,0002,679,000(169,000)0.700.78(0.08)
Blue BloodsCBS10:00PM12,473,00012,490,000(17,000)1.401.51(0.11)

Saturday(PRELIMINARY #s) This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
NFL AFC PlayoffCBS8:00PM
ABC Movie: HancockABC8:00PM2,703,0001,417,0001,286,0000.800.330.47vs. The Bachelor (R)
Chicago PDNBC8:00PM2,526,0004,123,000(1,597,000)0.400.74(0.34)REPEAT vs. Fig Skating
Almost HumanFox8:00PM1,592,0004,574,000(2,982,000)0.401.24(0.84)REPEAT
Chicago PDNBC9:00PM2,977,000
The FollowingFox9:00PM1,129,0002,929,000(1,800,000)0.300.82(0.52)REPEAT vs. Bones (R)
48 Hours MysteryCBS10:00PM3,045,000
20/20ABC10:00PM4,112,0002,646,0001,466,0000.900.410.49REPEAT vs. Killer Women (R)
SNL (R) NBC10:00PM2,647,000

Sitcoms in green did excellent for the week, while yellow indicates OK showings and red is not good! This is sorted by adults 18-49:

Week 17 (Jan. 13-19) How the Sitcoms Did
(Sun comedies are previous week and Fri/Sat are prelim ratings)
Sorted by 18-49 Rtg
TitleNetworkTimeDayTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes

Modern FamilyABC9:00PMWed9,143,0003.21
How I Met Your MotherCBS8:00PMMon8,589,0003.03
The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PMThur12,033,0002.89REPEAT
2 Broke GirlsCBS8:30PMMon8,945,0002.72
Family GuyFox9:00PMSun5,222,0002.69
Mike & MollyCBS9:00PMMon9,837,0002.40
American Dad!Fox9:30PMSun4,473,0002.29
The SimpsonsFox8:00PMSun4,828,0002.24
Bob's BurgersFox8:30PMSun4,202,0002.02
The MillersCBS8:30PMThur7,832,0001.87REPEAT
The MiddleABC8:00PMWed7,513,0001.81
The GoldbergsABC9:00PMTues4,889,0001.76
New GirlFox9:00PMTues3,244,0001.58
Super Fun NightABC9:30PMWed4,443,0001.49
Brooklyn Nine-NineFox8:30PMTues3,527,0001.41
Last Man StandingABC8:00PMFri6,330,0001.4
Parks & RecreationNBC8:30PMThur3,050,0001.22
Two and a Half MenCBS9:30PMThur5,284,0001.21REPEAT
The Crazy OnesCBS9:00PMThur5,216,0001.17REPEAT
Two and a Half MenCBS8:00PMWed5,356,0001.15REPEAT
The Mindy ProjectFox9:30PMTues2,473,0001.13
Animnation DominationFox7:30PMSun2,435,0001.09REPEAT
The MillersCBS8:30PMWed4,782,0001.08REPEAT
Trophy WifeABC9:30PMTues3,463,0001.08
The NeighborsABC8:30PMFri3,779,0000.9
Animation DominationFox7:00PMSun1,966,0000.84REPEAT
Sean Saves the WorldNBC9:00PMThur2,668,0000.83
Comedytime (R) CBS8:30PMSat2,843,0000.8REPEAT
Raising HopeFox9:00PMFri2,510,0000.7
Comedytime (R) CBS8:00PMSat2,699,0000.7REPEAT
The Michael J. Fox ShowNBC9:30PMThur1,992,0000.59
We Are MenCBS8:30PMMon

Welcome to the FamilyNBC8:30PMThur

Back in the GameABC8:30PMWed


SOURCE: Nielsen Media Research

Sitcoms Airing Tonight

Tuesday, July 27

The Goldbergs - "Couple Off" (ABC, 8:00PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
When Barry and Joanne crash Erica and Geoff’s peaceful weekend camping trip, they end up in a competition to see who is the better couple, causing some unexpected shifts in relationships. After learning that Brea thinks Adam has an easy, privileged life, Adam seeks to prove her wrong by getting a job but quickly learns she might be right.

Home Economics - "Mermaid Taffeta Wedding Dress, $1,999" (ABC, 8:30PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
The Hayworth family is invited to the wedding of longtime family friend Spags. When Connor enlists Tom’s help to write and re-write a wedding toast, things take an unexpected turn between the brothers. Sarah realizes Denise is upset they never had a real wedding, while Marina meticulously plans her drinking schedule for a night out without the kids.

The Conners - "Promotions, Podcasts and Magic Tea" (ABC, 9:00PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
Darlene earns a promotion at Wellman Plastics, while Ben decides on a new career path. Meanwhile, Jackie tries an herbal tea leading to an emotional revelation.

black-ish - "Our Wedding Dre" (ABC, 9:30PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
Pops and Ruby are getting re-married! And Dre’s intimate wedding plans go awry when Pops’ brother, Uncle Norman, shows up unexpectedly for the festivities. Meanwhile, Ruby refuses Bow’s offer to help with preparations until an unanticipated situation gives her an opening to save the big day.

Miracle Workers - "Oregon Trail: Hunting Party" (TBS, 10:30PM ET/PT)
Ezekiel signs up for a buffalo hunting expedition to prove his manhood. Meanwhile, Benny teaches Prudence how to be a bandit.

Complete TV Listings

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Tuesday, July 27

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  • Dwayne Johnson (Young Rock) - Dwayne appears on a repeat of Jimmy Kimmel Live! at 11:35pm on ABC.
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  • Megan Fox (Hope & Faith) - Megan appears on a repeat of The Kelly Clarkson Show, so check your local listings.
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  • Abigail Breslin (Scream Queens) - Abigail talks about Stillwater on ABC's Good Morning America sometime between 7-9am.
  • D.L. Hughley (The Hughleys) - D.L. talks about ABC's GMA 3: What You Need to Know at 1pm.

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