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Week 32 TV Ratings and Analysis; How the Sitcoms Did

2014-15 Week 32 TV Ratings (first four nights Mon-Thu): 

Households: N/A
Total Viewers: N/A
Adults 18-49: N/A

We have the final ratings for Week 31 (4/20/15-4/26/15 LIVE+SD). Among Adults 18-49, ABC won the week with a 1.9 rating. Then we had CBS at 1.3 followed by NBC at a 1.2, while Fox trailed with a only a 1.0 rating.  For Total Viewers, CBS was first with 8.41 million, followed by ABC with 7.37 million, then it was NBC's 5.51 million and Fox trailed with 3.4 million.

For season to-date (9/22/14-4/26/15 LIVE+SD), among Adults 18-49 we have NBC on top with a 2.09 rating, followed by CBS with a 1.84, ABC in third with a 1.61 and Fox sliding to a 1.58.  In Total Viewers, it is CBS on top with 9.568 million, then NBC with 7.656 million, ABC is next with 6.386 million and Fox with 4.952 million.

Back to week 32 (April 27-May 3), read our full night-by-night analysis followed by how the sitcoms did! GREAT showings are in BOLD. If they are in bold in both total viewers and 18-49, then it is very impressive:

Week 32 (April 27-May 3) Analysis

Last Sunday (April 26)(Week 31)This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
60 MinutesCBS7:00PM10,390,0009,999,000 391,000 1.101.18 (0.08)
America's Funniest Home VideosABC7:00PM6,030,0006,434,000 (404,000)1.501.37 0.13
Dateline SundayNBC7:00PM6,080,0004,339,000 1,741,000 1.100.76 0.34 7-9P vs. 7-8P
The SimpsonsFox7:00PM1,650,0001,878,000 (228,000)0.600.68 (0.08)REPEAT
Bob's BurgersFox7:30PM2,040,0001,894,000 146,000 0.900.84 0.06 vs. REPEAT
Madam SecretaryCBS8:00PM10,460,000
10,460,000 1.00
ACM AwardsCBS8:00PM
15,978,000 (15,978,000)
3.65 (3.65)
Once Upon a TimeABC8:00PM5,210,0005,116,000 94,000 1.701.66 0.04
A.D. Bible ContinuesNBC8:00PM
4,005,000 (4,005,000)
0.58 (0.58)
The SimpsonsFox8:00PM3,330,0003,233,000 97,000 1.501.37 0.13
Brooklyn Nine-NineFox8:30PM2,780,0002,003,000 777,000 1.500.89 0.61 vs. REPEAT
The Good WifeCBS9:00PM8,740,000
8,740,000 1.00
Secrets and LiesABC9:00PM5,830,0005,127,000 703,000 1.701.48 0.22
A.D. Bible ContinuesNBC9:00PM5,770,0006,357,000 (587,000)1.101.16 (0.06)
Family GuyFox9:00PM3,170,0003,301,000 (131,000)1.601.65 (0.05)
Last Man on EarthFox9:30PM3,290,0003,405,000 (115,000)1.401.38 0.02
Battle CreekCBS10:00PM6,140,000
6,140,000 0.70
RevengeABC10:00PM4,450,0003,902,000 548,000 1.001.02 (0.02)
American OdysseyNBC10:00PM2,780,0003,110,000 (330,000)0.500.52 (0.02)


This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
2 Broke GirlsCBS8:00PM6,570,0007,525,000 (955,000)1.602.06 (0.46)
Dancing w/the StarsABC8:00PM13,220,00013,416,000 (196,000)2.002.07 (0.07)8-10P
The VoiceNBC8:00PM10,490,00010,585,000 (95,000)2.602.61 (0.01)8-10P
GothamFox8:00PM4,580,0004,435,000 145,000 1.501.56 (0.06)
The OriginalsCW8:00PM1,200,0001,297,000 (97,000)0.500.53 (0.03)
Mike & MollyCBS8:30PM7,190,0008,134,000 (944,000)1.702.02 (0.32)
StalkerCBS9:00PM5,700,00010,710,000 (5,010,000)1.302.17 (0.87)vs. Scorpion
The FollowingFox9:00PM3,460,0003,405,000 55,000 1.201.17 0.03
Jane the VirginCW9:00PM1,060,0001,052,000 8,000 0.400.42 (0.02)
NCIS LACBS10:00PM7,820,0008,827,000 (1,007,000)1.401.44 (0.04)
CastleABC10:00PM8,310,0008,336,000 (26,000)1.301.42 (0.12)
Night ShiftNBC10:00PM4,940,0005,371,000 (431,000)1.201.27 (0.07)


This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
NCISCBS8:00PM14,850,00010,194,000 4,656,000 2.000.99 1.01 vs. REPEAT
Dancing 10th Anniv.ABC8:00PM10,070,000
10,070,000 1.70
Fresh off the BoatABC8:00PM
5,075,000 (5,075,000)
1.50 (1.50)
The VoiceNBC8:00PM9,490,00011,249,000 (1,759,000)2.202.57 (0.37)
Hell's KitchenFox8:00PM3,250,0003,466,000 (216,000)1.101.16 (0.06)
The FlashCW8:00PM3,930,0003,751,000 179,000 1.501.32 0.18
Repeat After MeABC8:30PM
3,560,000 (3,560,000)
1.14 (1.14)
NCIS: New OrleansCBS9:00PM14,550,0009,959,000 4,591,000 1.901.09 0.81 vs. REPEAT
Marvel's Agents of SHIELDABC9:00PM4,570,0004,449,000 121,000 1.501.61 (0.11)
UndateableNBC9:00PM4,530,0004,853,000 (323,000)1.201.36 (0.16)
New GirlFox9:00PM2,070,0001,359,000 711,000 1.000.59 0.41 vs. REPEAT
iZombieCW9:00PM1,690,0001,797,000 (107,000)0.700.62 0.08
One Big HappyNBC9:30PM3,080,0003,760,000 (680,000)0.801.11 (0.31)
Weird LonersFox9:30PM1,420,0001,207,000 213,000 0.600.53 0.07
Person of InterestCBS10:00PM8,450,0008,422,000 28,000 1.401.24 0.16 vs. CSI Cyber
20/20 CaptiveABC10:00PM5,880,0004,043,000 1,837,000 1.400.95 0.45 vs. Forever
Chicago FireNBC10:00PM6,850,0006,716,000 134,000 1.601.58 0.02

This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
SurvivorCBS8:00PM9,250,00010,192,000 (942,000)2.202.45 (0.25)
The MiddleABC8:00PM7,390,0007,820,000 (430,000)2.001.81 0.19
Chicago FireNBC8:00PM4,370,0006,414,000 (2,044,000)0.700.97 (0.27)REPEAT vs. Laura
American IdolFox8:00PM7,360,0007,465,000 (105,000)1.601.54 0.06 8-10P
ArrowCW8:00PM2,390,0002,717,000 (327,000)0.900.95 (0.05)
The GoldbergsABC8:30PM6,770,0007,161,000 (391,000)2.102.11 (0.01)
Criminal MindsCBS9:00PM8,720,00010,060,000 (1,340,000)1.802.01 (0.21)
Modern FamilyABC9:00PM8,000,0008,850,000 (850,000)2.902.96 (0.06)
Chicago P.D.NBC9:00PM8,070,0003,835,000 4,235,000 1.800.76 1.04 vs. SVU(R)
SupernaturalCW9:00PM1,740,0001,633,000 107,000 0.700.67 0.03
black-ishABC9:30PM5,940,0006,572,000 (632,000)2.002.08 (0.08)
CSI: CyberCBS10:00PM7,230,0008,265,000 (1,035,000)1.201.50 (0.30)
NashvilleABC10:00PM4,700,0005,316,000 (616,000)1.301.29 0.01
Law & Order: SVUNBC10:00PM9,280,0004,174,000 5,106,000 2.100.88 1.22 vs. Chicago PD(R)

This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PM13,850,00014,632,000 (782,000)3.403.60 (0.20)
Grey's AnatomyABC8:00PM8,740,0009,546,000 (806,000)2.602.81 (0.21)8-10P vs. 8-9P
BlacklistNBC8:00PM3,100,0003,442,000 (342,000)0.500.48 0.02 REPEAT
BonesFox8:00PM4,290,0004,654,000 (364,000)1.000.96 0.04
The Vampire DiariesCW8:00PM1,210,0001,366,000 (156,000)0.500.63 (0.13)
The Odd CoupleCBS8:30PM9,160,0009,368,000 (208,000)2.002.01 (0.01)
MomCBS9:00PM8,780,0009,014,000 (234,000)2.001.93 0.07
7,787,000 (7,787,000)
2.29 (2.29)
BlacklistNBC9:00PM6,600,0007,465,000 (865,000)1.201.49 (0.29)
BackstromFox9:00PM2,800,0003,004,000 (204,000)0.700.78 (0.08)
ReignCW9:00PM840,000824,000 16,000 0.300.29 0.01
The Big Bang TheoryCBS9:30PM7,710,0008,316,000 (606,000)1.701.70 - REPEAT
ElementaryCBS10:00PM7,030,0007,729,000 (699,000)1.201.32 (0.12)
American CrimeABC10:00PM3,630,0004,047,000 (417,000)0.900.92 (0.02)
DatelineNBC10:00PM5,010,0005,666,000 (656,000)0.900.86 0.04

Friday(PRELIMINARY #s) This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
The Amazing RaceCBS8:00PM5,535,0005,750,000 (215,000)1.001.10 (0.10)
Shark TankABC8:00PM6,921,0007,940,000 (1,019,000)1.601.80 (0.20)
GrimmNBC8:00PM4,222,0004,660,000 (438,000)0.901.00 (0.10)
Fox MovieFox8:00PM2,557,0003,010,000 (453,000)0.700.90 (0.20)8-10P
Cedric's Barber BattleCW8:00PM747,000820,000 (73,000)0.300.30 -
Whose Line Is It?CW8:30PM742,000780,000 (38,000)0.300.30 -
Hawaii Five-0CBS9:00PM8,481,0008,350,000 131,000 1.201.10 0.10
Beyond the TankABC9:00PM6,305,000
6,305,000 1.50
20/20 Bruce JennerABC9:00PM
17,100,000 (17,100,000)
5.20 (5.20)
DatelineNBC9:00PM5,373,0004,360,000 1,013,000 1.000.90 0.10 9-11P
The MessengersCW9:00PM647,000770,000 (123,000)0.200.20 -
Blue BloodsCBS10:00PM11,016,0009,990,000 1,026,000 1.301.00 0.30 FINALE
4,446,000 1.00



Saturday(PRELIMINARY #s) This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
Crimetime SaturdayCBS8:00PM
3,640,000 (3,640,000)
0.50 (0.50)REPEAT
ABC MovieABC8:00PM
2,760,000 (2,760,000)
0.70 (0.70)8-10P
NHL Stanley Cup NBC8:00PM
2,690,000 (2,690,000)
0.80 (0.80)8-11P
910,000 (910,000)
0.20 (0.20)8-10P vs. UFC
Crimetime SaturdayCBS9:00PM
3,740,000 (3,740,000)
0.50 (0.50)REPEAT
48 Hours MysteryCBS10:00PM
5,030,000 (5,030,000)
0.80 (0.80)
Shark TankABC10:00PM
3,030,000 (3,030,000)
0.80 (0.80)REPEAT vs. Castle(R)



Sitcoms in green did excellent for the week, while yellow indicates OK showings and red is not good! This is sorted by adults 18-49:

Week 32 (April 26-May 3) How the Sitcoms Did
(Sun comedies are previous week and Fri/Sat are prelim ratings)
Sorted by 18-49 Rtg
TitleNetworkTimeDayTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes

The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PMThu13,850,0003.40
Modern FamilyABC9:00PMWed8,000,0002.90
The GoldbergsABC8:30PMWed6,770,0002.10
The Odd CoupleCBS8:30PMThu9,160,0002.00
The MiddleABC8:00PMWed7,390,0002.00
Mike & MollyCBS8:30PMMon7,190,0001.70
The Big Bang TheoryCBS9:30PMThu7,710,0001.70REPEAT
2 Broke GirlsCBS8:00PMMon6,570,0001.60
Family GuyFox9:00PMSun3,170,0001.60
The SimpsonsFox8:00PMSun3,330,0001.50
Brooklyn Nine-NineFox8:30PMSun2,780,0001.50
The Last Man on EarthFox9:30PMSun3,290,0001.40
New GirlFox9:00PMTue2,070,0001.00
Bob's BurgersFox7:30PMSun2,040,0000.90
One Big HappyNBC9:30PMTue3,080,0000.80
Animation DominationFox7:00PMSun1,650,0000.60REPEAT
Weird LonersFox9:30PMTue1,420,0000.60
The GoldbergsABC9:30PMWed

The Last Man on EarthFox9:00PMSun


Family GuyFox8:30PMSun

Marry MeNBC9:00PMTue

About a BoyNBC9:30PMTue

The McCarthysCBS9:30PMThu

Bad JudgeNBC9:00PMThu

A to ZNBC9:30PMThu

The MillersCBS8:30PMMon


Manhattan Love StoryABC8:30PMTue

Fresh off the BoatABC8:00PMTue

Last Man StandingABC8:00PMFri


The Mindy ProjectFox9:30PMTue



Two and a Half MenCBS9:00PMThu

Parks & RecreationNBC10:00PMTue

American Dad!Fox9:30PMSun


SOURCE: Nielsen Media Research

Sitcoms Airing Tonight

Saturday, May 25

Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons" (ABC, 8:00PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
Kerry Washington joins “Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s ‘All in the Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons,’” the live sitcom special coming from late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and television icon Norman Lear. Washington is set to play Helen Willis in the special, airing live WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 (8:00-9:31 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. This historic event will take viewers down memory lane, recreating an original episode from each of the Emmy® Award-winning series “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons.” This legendary night of television will be hosted by Lear and Kimmel, directed by 10-time Emmy winner James Burrows and produced by Sony Pictures Television.

Previously announced stars include Woody Harrelson (Archie Bunker), Marisa Tomei (Edith Bunker), Jamie Foxx (George Jefferson), Wanda Sykes (Louise Jefferson), Ellie Kemper (Gloria Stivic), Will Ferrell (Tom Willis), Justina Machado (Florence Johnston), Ike Barinholtz (Meathead), Sean Hayes (Mr. Lorenzo), Amber Stevens West (Jenny Willis Jefferson), Jovan Adepo (Lionel Jefferson), Anthony Anderson (Uncle Henry), Stephen Tobolowsky (Mr. Bentley) and Jackée Harry (Diane Stockwell).

All About "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons" (ABC, 9:30PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
After the star-studded live sitcom special “Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear’s ‘All in the Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons,’” “Nightline” will take a special look at the cultural and historical significance of the two iconic series. Participants in the live sitcom special along with modern-day comedians, television stars and journalists reminisce about each show’s groundbreaking impact and legacy.“Nightline” Presents “All About ‘All in the Family’ and ‘The Jeffersons’” airs WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 (9:31–10:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

The prime-time special features interviews with “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” creator Norman Lear; host and executive producer Jimmy Kimmel and stars Anthony Anderson, Ike Barinholtz, Jackée Harry, Ellie Kemper and Kerry Washington; comedians and actors Raven-Symoné, David Alan Grier, Lil’ Rel and John Amos; original “The Jeffersons” cast member Marla Gibbs; and journalists Deborah Roberts, Chris Connelly, Marc Lamont Hill and Joe Levy.

Game Shakers - "Bug Tussle" (Nickelodeon, 8:00PM ET/PT)
After Dub goes to Vegas and leaves Trip behind, the Game Shakers take Trip to Dub's awesome apartment to show him a good time.

Game Shakers - "Why Tonya" (Nickelodeon, 8:30PM ET/PT)
The Game Shakers are approached by a fan who demands that they make changes to one of their games.

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Friday, May 24

  • Dana Carvey (One of the Boys) - Watch Dana on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at 11:34pm on NBC. He talks about The Secret Life of Pets 2 on LIVE! with Kelly and Ryan, so check your listings.
  • The Cast of The Big Bang Theory - Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch are guests on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at 11:35pm on CBS.
  • Bill Hader (Barry) - Bill appears on a repeat of Late Night with Seth Meyers at 12:36am on NBC.
  • Kathryn Newton (Gary Unmarried) - Kathryn is a guest on a repeat of Late Night with Seth Meyers at 12:36am on NBC.
  • Adam Scott - Adam appears on a repeat of The Late Late Show with James Corden at 12:37am on CBS.
  • John Travolta (Welcome Back, Kotter) - John and his daughter Ella Bleu are guests on The Talk on CBS at 2pm ET/1pm CT-PT.
  • Jodie Sweetin (Fuller House/Hollywood Darlings/Full House) - Jodie guest co-hosts The Talk on CBS at 2pm ET/1pm CT-PT.
  • Logan Browning (Dear White People/Meet the Browns) - Logan stops by The Real, so check your local listings. She will also be on the BUILD Series at 5:30pm
  • Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle) - Bryan talks about Broadway's Network on CBS This Morning sometime between 7-9am.
  • Jackée Harry (Tyler Perry's The Paynes/The First Family/Sister, Sister/227) - Jackée talks about Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta on ABC's Strahan & Sara at 1pm and on People Now at 12pm.
  • Justin Long (F Is for Family/Ed) - Justin talks about Life is Short with Justin Long on Couch Surfing at 8am.
  • Beanie Feldstein (What We Do in the Shadows) and Kaitlyn Dever (Last Man Standing) - Beanie and Kaitlyn talk about Booksmart on NBC's Today in the 10am hour.
  • Tiffani Thiessen (Alexa & Katie/Good Morning, Miami/Saved by the Bell) - Tiffani is in the kitchen on Pickler & Ben, so check your local listings.

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