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Week 28 TV Ratings and Analysis; How the Sitcoms Did

2013-14 Week 28 TV Ratings (first four nights, Mon-Thu): 

Households: #1. CBS 6.8/11 rating/share (+15% from first four nights Week 27); #2. ABC 4.8/8 (+2%); #3. NBC 4.4/7 (even); #4. Fox 3.4/5 (-3%); #5. The CW 0.8/1 (-27%)
Total Viewers: #1. CBS 10.86 million (+15% from first four nights Week 27); #2. ABC 7.25 million (+1%); #3. NBC 7.03 million (+1%); #4. Fox 5.41 million (-5%); #5. The CW 1.21 million (-28%).
Adults 18-49: #1. CBS 2.5/7 rating/share (+19% from first four nights Week 27); #2. NBC 2.0/6 (+5%); #3. ABC 1.8/5 (+6%); #4. Fox 1.5/5 (-5%) #5. The CW 0.4/1 (-33%)

For previous week's final ratings, Week 27 (3/24/14-3/30/14) had CBS win the week in 18-49 with a 2.1 rating, followed by ABC's 1.5, NBC's 1.5 and Fox's 1.3. In total viewers, CBS lead this with 9.09 million, beating ABC which did 6.25 million, NBC followed closely with 5.92 million, and Fox trailed with 4.13 million.
Season to-date (9/23/13-3/30/14) in 18-49, NBC is on top with a 2.9, over Fox's Super Bowl-fueled 2.6, CBS is next with a 2.4, and ABC at a 2.1. In total viewers, CBS is still on top with 10.81 million, then NBC is second with 9.92, Fox is at 7.83 and ABC is at 7.47 as they are creeping in to catch Fox.

Back to week 28, read our full night-by-night analysis followed by how the sitcoms did! GREAT showings are in BOLD. If they are in bold in both total viewers and 18-49, then it is very impressive:

Week 28 (March 31-April 6) Analysis

Last Sunday (Mar. 30)(Week 27)This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
60 MinutesCBS7:00PM14,303,00011,306,0002,997,0002.782.010.77720P
America's Funniest VideosABC7:00PM6,230,0006,870,000(640,000)1.271.40(0.13)
The Voice NBC7:00PM2,872,0003,326,000(454,000)0.620.78(0.16)REPEAT
Bob's BurgersFox7:00PM2,263,0002,450,000(187,000)1.021.16(0.14)
American DadFox7:30PM2,794,0002,700,00094,0001.401.370.03
The Amazing RaceCBS8:00PM9,512,0008,705,000807,0001.981.850.13820P
Once Upon a TimeABC8:00PM6,644,0006,911,000(267,000)
American Dream BuildersNBC8:00PM3,105,0003,603,000(498,000)0.790.88(0.09)
The SimpsonsFox8:00PM3,912,0003,983,000(71,000)1.861.90(0.04)
Family GuyFox8:30PM4,168,0004,379,000(211,000)2.132.24(0.11)
The Good WifeCBS9:00PM10,959,0009,123,0001,836,0001.771.370.40920P
Cosmos: SpacetimeFox9:00PM3,911,0004,246,000(335,000)1.501.70(0.20)
The MentalistCBS10:00PM8,721,0008,023,000698,0001.451.270.181020P
Revenge ABC10:00PM5,251,0005,660,000(409,000)1.401.54(0.14)


This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
How I Met Your MotherCBS8:00PM13,128,0009,036,0004,092,0005.373.491.88FINALE, 8-9P vs. 8-830P
Dancing with the StarsABC8:00PM14,096,00014,648,000(552,000)2.292.30(0.01)8-10P
The VoiceNBC8:00PM12,277,00012,847,000(570,000)3.453.70(0.25)8-10P
Star CrossedCW8:00PM1,043,000879,000164,0000.380.310.07
2 Broke GirlsCBS8:30PM
Friends w/Better LivesCBS9:00PM7,628,0007,831,000(203,000)2.582.040.54Premiere vs. Mike & Molly
The FollowingFox9:00PM4,167,0004,067,000100,0001.421.380.04
Tomorrow PeopleCW9:00PM1,104,000784,000320,0000.460.310.15
The BlacklistNBC10:00PM11,389,00010,799,000590,0002.772.82(0.05)


This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.ABC8:00PM5,711,0002,899,0002,812,0001.960.771.19vs. REPEAT
The VoiceNBC8:00PM11,928,00012,445,000(517,000)3.073.36(0.29)
The OriginalsCW8:00PM620,0001,565,000(945,000)0.240.54(0.30)REPEAT vs. The 100(R)
NCIS: LACBS9:00PM15,306,00015,543,000(237,000)2.392.44(0.05)
The GoldbergsABC9:00PM4,668,0003,015,0001,653,0001.520.880.64vs. REPEAT
About a BoyNBC9:00PM7,168,0007,414,000(246,000)2.041.970.07
Mindy ProjectFox9:00PM1,880,0002,493,000(613,000)0.961.24(0.28)vs. New Girl
The 100CW9:00PM964,0002,254,000(1,290,000)0.341.01(0.67)REPEAT vs. Supernatural
Trophy WifeABC9:30PM3,039,0002,246,000793,0001.010.680.33vs. REPEAT
Growing Up FisherNBC9:30PM5,958,0006,245,000(287,000)1.641.68(0.04)
Mindy ProjectFox9:30PM1,868,0002,590,000(722,000)0.971.26(0.29)vs. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Person of InterestCBS10:00PM11,453,00012,226,000(773,000)1.912.00(0.09)
ResurrectionABC10:00PM2,663,0002,061,000602,0000.740.650.09REPEAT vs. Mind Games
Chicago FireNBC10:00PM4,242,0003,891,000351,0000.940.96(0.02)REPEAT

This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
Survivor Blood v WaterCBS8:00PM9,476,0009,848,000(372,000)2.272.32(0.05)
The MiddleABC8:00PM7,199,0007,284,000(85,000)2.001.930.07
RevolutionNBC8:00PM4,402,0003,707,000695,0001.290.800.49vs. South Pole spcl
American IdolFox8:00PM8,889,0009,328,000(439,000)2.082.16(0.08)8-10P
Criminal MindsCBS9:00PM10,469,0007,189,0003,280,0002.561.421.14vs. REPEAT
Modern FamilyABC9:00PM8,999,00010,090,000(1,091,000)3.293.65(0.36)
Law & Order: SVUNBC9:00PM5,899,0003,507,0002,392,0001.720.850.87vs. REPEAT
The 100CW9:00PM1,900,0002,275,000(375,000)0.620.74(0.12)
CSICBS10:00PM9,771,0007,415,0002,356,0001.841.220.62vs. REPEAT
Chicago P.D.NBC10:00PM5,745,0003,817,0001,928,0001.620.870.75vs. REPEAT

This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
NCAA BasketballCBS7:00PM
The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PM17,732,000
Once: WonderlandABC8:00PM3,385,0003,349,00036,0000.910.96(0.05)Finale
Hollywood Game NightNBC8:00PM
Hell's KitchenFox8:00PM4,992,0005,391,000(399,000)1.751.86(0.11)
Vampire DiariesCW8:00PM804,0001,732,000(928,000)0.260.79(0.53)REPEAT
The MillersCBS8:30PM11,345,000
Parks & RecreationNBC8:30PM2,674,000
Two and a Half MenCBS9:00PM9,235,000
Grey's AnatomyABC9:00PM8,285,0008,421,000(136,000)2.652.610.04
Hollywood Game NightNBC9:00PM3,118,0003,691,000(573,000)1.091.14(0.05)vs. REPEAT
American IdolFox9:00PM7,721,0007,980,000(259,000)1.711.88(0.17)
NCAA BasketballCBS9:30PM
The Crazy OnesCBS9:30PM6,529,000
Surviving JackFox9:30PM4,526,0005,148,000(622,000)1.201.28(0.08)

Friday(PRELIMINARY #s) This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
NCAA BasketballCBS7:00PM
Last Man StandingABC8:00PM6,173,0006,472,000(299,000)1.301.36(0.06)
DatelineNBC8:00PM6,150,0008,039,000(1,889,000)1.201.45(0.25)8-9P vs. 8-10P
Kitchen NightmaresFox8:00PM1,933,0001,831,000102,0000.700.370.33REPEAT vs. Rake
Whose Line Is It Anyway?CW8:00PM1,535,0001,738,000(203,000)0.400.54(0.14)
The NeighborsABC8:30PM3,941,0004,170,000(229,000)0.901.05(0.15)
Whose Line Is It Anyway?CW8:30PM1,374,0001,696,000(322,000)0.400.49(0.09)REPEAT
Hawaii Five-0CBS9:00PM9,522,000
Shark TankABC9:00PM7,191,0005,259,0001,932,0001.901.260.64vs. REPEAT
Hart of DixieCW9:00PM766,000939,000(173,000)0.300.33(0.03)
Raising HopeFox9:00PM1,612,0001,333,000279,0000.600.400.20vs.Enlisted
NCAA BasketballCBS9:30PM
Raising HopeFox9:30PM1,549,0001,532,00017,0000.600.500.10Finale
Blue BloodsCBS10:00PM11,401,000

Saturday(PRELIMINARY #s) This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-This WkPrev WeekWk-to-Wk +/-
TitleNetworkTimeTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes
Agents of SHIELDABC8:00PM1,500,000
RakeFox8:00PM1,000,0001,417,000(417,000)0.200.36(0.16)vs. Almost Human(R)
CrimetimeCBS9:00PM3,120,0002,480,000640,0000.600.540.06vs. 48 Hours
20/20 SaturdayABC9:00PM2,270,0002,325,000(55,000)0.600.470.13
RakeFox9:00PM1,040,000982,00058,0000.200.28(0.08)vs. The Following®
48 Hours MysteryCBS10:00PM4,510,0004,054,000456,0000.800.84(0.04)
Nightline PrimeABC10:00PM3,200,0002,903,000297,0000.700.560.14
SNL(R) NBC10:00PM2,480,0002,576,000(96,000)0.700.72(0.02)REPEAT

Sitcoms in green did excellent for the week, while yellow indicates OK showings and red is not good! This is sorted by adults 18-49: 

Week 28 (March 31-April 6) How the Sitcoms Did
(Sun comedies are previous week and Fri/Sat are prelim ratings)
Sorted by 18-49 Rtg
TitleNetworkTimeDayTotal Viewers18-49 RtgNotes

How I Met Your MotherCBS8:00PMMon13,128,0005.378-9P finale
The Big Bang TheoryCBS8:00PMThu17,732,0004.94
Modern FamilyABC9:00PMWed8,999,0003.29
The MillersCBS8:30PMThu11,345,0002.82
Friends with Better LivesCBS9:00PMMon7,628,0002.58premiere
Two and a Half MenCBS9:00PMThu9,235,0002.51
Family GuyFox8:30PMSun4,168,0002.13
About a BoyNBC9:00PMTue7,168,0002.04
The MiddleABC8:00PMWed7,199,0002.00
The SimpsonsFox8:00PMSun3,912,0001.86
The Crazy OnesCBS9:30PMThu6,529,0001.71
Growing Up FisherNBC9:30PMTue5,958,0001.64
The GoldbergsABC9:00PMTue4,668,0001.52
American Dad!Fox7:30PMSun2,794,0001.40
Last Man StandingABC8:00PMFri6,173,0001.3
Surviving JackFox9:30PMThu4,526,0001.20
Parks & RecreationNBC8:30PMThu2,674,0001.13
Bob's BurgersFox7:00PMSun2,263,0001.02
Trophy WifeABC9:30PMTue3,039,0001.01
The Mindy ProjectFox9:30PMTue1,868,0000.97
The Mindy ProjectFox9:00PMTue1,880,0000.96
The NeighborsABC8:30PMFri3,941,0000.9
Raising HopeFox9:00PMFri1,612,0000.6
Raising HopeFox9:30PMFri1,549,0000.6finale
2 Broke GirlsCBS8:30PMMon

Mike & MollyCBS9:00PMMon

New GirlFox9:00PMTue

Comedytime (R) CBS8:00PMSat

Comedytime (R) CBS8:30PMSat

Animation DominationFox7:00PMSun

Animnation DominationFox7:30PMSun

Brooklyn Nine-NineFox9:30PMTue


Super Fun NightABC9:30PMWed


Sean Saves the WorldNBC9:00PMThu

The Michael J. Fox ShowNBC9:30PMThu

We Are MenCBS8:30PMMon

Welcome to the FamilyNBC8:30PMThu

Back in the GameABC8:30PMWed


SOURCE: Nielsen Media Research

Sitcoms Airing Tonight

Wednesday, January 22

The Goldbergs - "Game Night" (ABC, 8:00PM ET/PT)
Geoff struggles to keep his living arrangement with Erica and Barry a secret from Beverly during game night, while Adam goes to his guidance teacher for a lesson in being cool so he can get closer to a new girl in chemistry class.

Schooled - "FeMellor" (ABC, 8:30PM ET/PT)
Principal Glascott and Lainey struggle to agree on what is an appropriate dress code, while Coach Mellor struggles with his relationship with Julie as she does not enjoy sports like he does.

Modern Family - "Dead on a Rival" (ABC, 9:00PM ET/PT)
Mitchell learns a valuable life lesson when Murray (Paul Dooley), a former resident of the house, shows up unexpectedly. Meanwhile, the Dunphy’s old neighbor-turned-tech-titan, Kenneth (Josh Gad), comes to visit with a big surprise for Phil. Then, Manny’s dad, Javier (Benjamin Bratt), shows up with a big opportunity for his son.

Single Parents - "Chunkies" (ABC, 9:30PM ET/PT)
After Angie decides it’s finally time for Graham to meet his dad, Derek (Adam Brody), sickness overtakes the household. Derek is forced to either step in and help or head back out to his van. Meanwhile, when Sophie overhears some big news about Will and Tracy, she takes it upon herself to intervene; and the twins face their first professional failure.

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