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Digital Digest: 2011 Sitcoms on DVD Preview

Happy New Year from all of us at! We have an abbreviated version of our news and upcoming preview of next week's home media releases (not our fault; by no surprise, this has been our slowest news week so far since we started this feature), but we'll also have our sixth annual Sitcoms on DVD Preview, looking ahead at 2011! Let's get going!


There is only one real piece of news this week, but fans of animated series are sure to appreciate it! We've met the Flintstones on DVD with all six seasons having been released, and we've met George Jetson and his family a little bit with the two releases of that series that have been released so far. But in 1987 they met each other in a movie called The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones. Made at the height of the "Jetson fever" of the mid to late 80s (which also sparked a revival of the original series), the movie shows what happens when the two families meet up with each other in Bedrock. But why are we talking about all of this here? Well, there is a good reason for that... it is on the release slate from Warner Archive! We don't know exactly when it'll be released or any details yet, but when we do know more, we'll let you know!


Just as our news is slow, there is basically very little coming to DVD on Tuesday (January 4). But there is one release of note, and that is Mannix - The Fourth Season. The six disc set, which we will be reviewing very soon in Digital Digest, comes at a $54.99 MSRP from CBS Home Entertainment.


It has been an incredibly slow week this week, and we really hope to make it up to you next week! With everybody getting back to the regular nine-to-five work schedule on Monday (including public relations employees for the media studios, of course!), we should hopefully have a flood--or at least a decent trickle--of news for you next week. Look for reviews of Mannix, Dragnet, and more in the upcoming weeks. And we'll also keep you updated on some of the online video streaming services where you can watch some of your favorite series. Until then, keep it digital!


Welcome to our 6th Annual Sitcoms on DVD Preview and Predictions Issue! First, we will take a look at some of the releases that have been officially announced or rumored to be coming to DVD in 2011. Then we will offer some of our own predictions of some new and returning sitcoms that we feel have some chance to be released later this year.

Making their debut on DVD in 2011 will be Car 54, Where Are You?, Dennis the Menace, I'm Dickens, He's Fenster, Hot in Cleveland, Webster and Women of the House. Hopefully we will have news on many more new releases in the upcoming months.

Returning favorites that have been announced include All in the Family, California Dreams, Coach, The Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best, Growing Pains, Hannah Montana, Here's Lucy, iCarly, Leave it to Beaver, The Lucy Show, Nurse Jackie, Rules of Engagement, Spin City, Tyler Perry's House of Payne and Weeds.

The links below go to where you can pre-order these titles at some nice discounts. We are an affiliate of and receive a commission for each sale. Please consider ordering through our links. Thanks for your support!

January 2011:

iCarly - Season 2, Volume 2

01/04 - iCarly - Season 2, Volume 2

The iCarly madness continues with Season 2, Volume 2! Included in this set - the "iFight Shelby Marx" TV movie special, Sam's surprising confession of having shared a kiss with Freddie, Carly's bad-boy boyfriend dilemma, and so much more! The 2-disc set has a running time of 432 minutes and will include some behind-the-scenes extras.

All in the Family - The Complete Eighth Season

01/11 - All in the Family - The Complete Eighth Season

Dingbats, Meatheads, Little Ghouls, and Arrrrrchie can’t be stifled anymore! The eighth season of the classic Norman Lear sitcom All in the Family is now available on DVD in a three-disc set from Shout! Factory.

In the next to last season, Archie quits his nine-to-five job to become a five-to-nine entrepreneur after Kelsey sells his bar (and struggles to succeed as an entrepreneur), Edith celebrates her 50th birthday in the worst way possible, Archie becomes a member of the KKK (not intentionally), Beverly LaSalle returns and leaves (for good), and Mike gets a new job that may break up the family dynamic. Let’s take a look at those days!

Read our review of All in the Family - The Complete Eighth Season.

Hiccups - Season One

01/11 - Hiccups - Season One

Though wildly successful in her career, Millie is socially unpredictable. She is prone to sudden outbursts of laughter, sadness and rage. All traits that life coach Stan tries to subdue, her publisher Joyce fails to keep under wraps and her slick but useless agent is too self-centred to notice. Meanwhile Crystal, a highly opinionated young slacker receptionist at Millie's publishing company, Haddison House, doesn't do much for the company's image. Stan finds life-support in his wide-eyed and slightly bewildered wife, Anna, who does her best to support his impractical dream of becoming a life coach.

Entertainment One releases the first season of the Canadian (CTV) sitcom. The 2-disc set has a running time of 286 minutes and includes 13 episodes.

Hot in Cleveland - Season One

01/11 - Hot in Cleveland - Season One

America's hottest sitcom is now on DVD! When three best friends from Los Angeles (Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick) unexpectedly find themselves in Cleveland, they are thrilled to discover – THEY’RE HOT. Loving their new home, the women find themselves living under one roof and battling feisty, quick-witted caretaker (Betty White). Join the girls on their Cleveland escapades in this complete season one set. Free Elka!

Special Features:

Original Full Length Pilot Episode
Retired at 35 Pilot
How’d They Get So Hot? Wardrobe on the Set
Victoria’s Japanese “Lady Pants” Commercial
Hot in Cleveland Set Tour
Hot in Cleveland Cast: We Love Our Age

Rules of Engagement - The Complete Fourth Season

01/11 - Rules of Engagement - The Complete Fourth Season

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment releases the fourth season on a 2-disc set that runs 390 minutes. No special features have been announced. The CBS sitcom Patrick Warburton, Megyn Price, Oliver Hudson, Bianca Kajlich, David Spade and Adhir Kalyan.

Spin City - Volume One

01/11 - Spin City - Volume One

10 Hilarious Episodes From Season One!

Spin City is a smart, sophisticated ABC sitcom about the behind-the-scenes workings of City Hall in the biggest city in America. Workaholic Mike Flaherty (Michael J. Fox) is the Deputy Mayor of New York City, serving as Mayor Randall Winstons (Barry Bostwick) key strategist and much-needed handler.

Mike runs the city with the help of his oddball staff: an anxious and insecure press secretary (Richard Kind); an impeccably groomed gay activist running minority affairs (Michael Boatman); a sharp and efficient, man-crazy assistant (Connie Britton); a sexist, boorish chief of staff (Alan Ruck); and an idealistic young speechwriter (Alexander Chaplin). Like Mike, they are all professionally capable but personally challenged

Spin City - The Complete Fourth Season will be released on February 15.

18 to Life - Season One

01/18 - 18 to Life - Season One

18 to Life is a comedy about two middle-class neighbors with opposing points of view who are forced to come together when their teenage kids run off and get married. True love is complex but one thing is clear: newlyweds plus oldyweds equals comedy.

eOne releases the 12 episodes from the first season on a 2-disc set that has a running time of 264 minutes. The show airs on CBC in Canada. TheCW aired the first 6 episodes in the U.S. in the summer.

California Dreams - Season 4

01/18 - California Dreams - Season 4

Life, love, fun in the sun...midterms? It isn't all beach and burgers for the California Dreams, but whatever the obstacles, they'll take it on together. Breakups, bad luck, stolen songs, beach cleanup and high school high jinks take Jake (Jay Anthony Franke), Tiffani (Baywatch's Kelly Packard), Tony (William James Jones), Sam (Jennie Kwan), Sly (Michael Cade), Mark (Aaron Jackson) and Lorena (Diana Uribe) through another rocking season of rolling with the punches.

This release, which contains 15 episodes, is available exclusively through Shout! Factory's online store.

My Two Dads - You Can Count on Me!

01/18 - My Two Dads - You Can Count on Me!

Old School Charm for the Whole Family!
Featuring 10 Feel-Good Episodes from this 80s hit show!
"...endearing and enduring entertainment." - Christel Loar,

It is often said that two is better than one. And for a young girl named Nicole Bradford, the old adage would be put to the test. With the untimely death of her mother, she learned that her mom had been splitting her romantic time between two men, and upon her death, both were awarded custody of the girl. Such was the premise of the television sitcom, My Two Dads.

This feel-good family sitcom promises to put a smile on your face with each episode! When 12-year old Nicole Bradford is left orphaned by her mother's passing, Judge Margaret Wilbur places her in the custody of two quarreling former best friends, both of whom are suspected of being her biological father: conservative financial advisor Michael Taylor (Paul Reiser, Mad About You) and liberal artist Joey Harris (Greg Evigan, TekWar). The mix-ups of two single straight men raising a teen-aged daughter provided the story each week.

Mill Creek Entertainment is releasing this one disc set. Let's hope Shout! Factory will release the third and final season on DVD soon.

Webster - Season One

01/25 - Webster - Season One

Emmanuel Lewis stars as the innocent and adorable Webster Long. When newlyweds George Papadapolis (Alex Karras) and Katherine Calder-Young Papadapolis (Susan Clark) return home from their whirlwind wedding, they discover they are the legal guardians of seven-year-old Webster, the only child of the recently deceased best friend of George. George, a retired football player now sports caster, and Katherine, a socialite and philanthropist, are the perfectly hilarious odd parents learning how to raise a child, often with the help of Katherines highbrow secretary, Jerry (Henry Polic II). Both a touching portrait of an unconventional family and a joyful ride through childhood adventures, Webster is a classic of 80s television.

Created by Stu Silver and produced by real-life husband and wife Alex Karras and Susan Clark, Webster premiered September 16, 1983, and ran for six seasons (the first four on ABC and the last two in first-run syndication) from 1983-1989.

Special Features:

* Interview With Alex Karras and Susan Clark
* Webster Trivia Game

February 2011:

Spin City - The Complete Fourth Season

02/15 - Spin City - The Complete Fourth Season

Michael J. Fox reprises his role as New York City’s Deputy Mayor Mike Flaherty, who acts as the slick support system to newly announced Senatorial candidate Mayor Randall Winston (Barry Bostwick). But with a Senate seat on the line and a city to run, Mike is forced to hire a (blonde and beautiful) campaign manager to help lighten the load.

Heather Locklear joins the Spin City cast as sophisticated and sexy campaign manager Catlin Moore who partners up with Mike. Together they become a combustible pairing who for some reason can’t seem to get out of each other’s way. Meanwhile, Mike’s staff are forced to adjust to a new kink in the office hierarchy.

While it would not be the last we would see of Mike Flaherty, Season Four would be Michael J. Fox’s final season as a Spin City regular and would earn him his career fourth Emmy win for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Shout Factory's 4-disc set includes 26 original episodes! A variety of great guest stars include Heidi Klum, Nipsey Russell, Amy Irving, Regis Philbin, Christine Taylor, Meredith Vierra, Star Jones, Lisa Ling, Joy Behar, Judah Friedlander, Michael Gross and Patrick Ewing.

Tyler Perry's House of Payne - Volume Six

02/22 - Tyler Perry's House of Payne - Volume Six (Episodes 101-124)

Tyler Perry's award-winning television show, Episodes 101-124! "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" delivers uplifting good humor and keen insights into the modern family. See why "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" has earned millions of devoted fans. These Paynes definitely bring gains! Bring the series home today and extend the benefits to your family.

Car 54, Where Are You? - The Complete First Season

Car 54, Where Are You? - The Complete First Season

Many critics and comedians believe that CAR 54 Where Are You? is one of the best comedy series ever to appear on television. Leonard Maltin calls it "one of the funniest TV shows of all time." Carol Burnett, who worked with the show's creator Nat Hiken, called him a comedy genius. In Carl Reiner's words, "All comedy writers of Hiken's day agreed that he had no peer." Long out of circulation, this brilliant show can now be discovered by new generations who will have a chance to view it for the first time. In celebration of the series' 50th anniversary, Shanachie Entertainment will be releasing all 30 episodes of the first season as a 4-disc DVD package on February 22, 2011 (SRP: $39.98). This is the first time the shows have ever been on DVD, now newly remastered from the only known set of 35 mm fine grain prints.

Specifically shot as a bonus extra for this release is a brand-new free-wheeling round table conversation between Bronx-raised comedian Robert Klein and two of the regular cast members: Charlotte Rae, who played Sylvia Schnauser, and Hank Garrett, who played Officer Ed Nicholson, one of the cops of the 53rd precinct. Rae and Garrett share stories, anecdotes and memories with Klein (a fan of Hiken's work) that shed light on what went on behind the scenes. (Complete Press Release)

Nurse Jackie - Season Two

02/22 - Nurse Jackie - Season Two (Blu-ray)

REAL LIFE CAN BE HARD TO SWALLOW. Delve deeper into the chaotic life of Jackie Peyton, as Lionsgate releases the second season of the acclaimed series Nurse Jackie to DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Four-time Primetime Emmy Award-winner Edie Falco stars as Jackie, a quick-witted and deeply flawed emergency room nurse with more than a few secrets. For her, every day is a high wire act of juggling patients, doctors, fellow nurses and her own indiscretions.

In the second season of this Emmy Award-winning series, Jackie struggles to keep up as functioning addict, a loving wife and mother and a first-class nurse. Falco leads an accomplished supporting cast - including Eve Best (TV's Prime Suspect: The Final Act), Peter Facinelli (The Twilight Saga), Paul Schulze (TV's Law & Order) and Merritt Wever (Michael Clayton). The Nurse Jackie: Season Two DVD and Blu-ray Disc bonus materials examine all 12 episodes with creator and actor commentaries and two innovative featurettes on the characters of Dr. Cooper and Dr. O'Hara, and the actors who portray them.

The series "straddles the worlds of drama and comedy with confidence and gutsy gusto," (TV Guide), and the sophomore season further explores the delicate balance of Jackie's personal and professional lives, and what she needs to do to keep up appearances. Critics and audiences alike are addicted to Nurse Jackie, boosting viewership in the second season from an already record-breaking Season One.

Weeds - Season Six

02/22 - Weeds - Season Six (Blu-ray)

Let's blow this joint! Pot-selling soccer mom Nancy Botwin (Golden Globe Winner Mary-Louise Parker) takes her family on the run in the sixth season of the Showtime Original Series of Weeds. Season 6 of this critically acclaimed series is more subversive, more hilarious, and more addictive than ever. Includes the complete Season 6 with all 13 episodes on 3-discs (2-disc Blu-ray) and is loaded with special features!

Special Features:

Commentary with writer Jenji Kohan, cast, and crew
"Showdown" Featurette with Justin Kirk and Kevin Nealon
Cast and crew answer fan questions
Behind the scenes featurette
Gag Reel

March 2011:

Leave it to Beaver - Season Six

03/01 - Leave it to Beaver - Season Six

The Final Season! 6-Disc Set featuring 39 original episodes! An American Classic! Firmly entrenched in pop culture. Timeless, innocent entertainment suitable for all ages. Restored and re-mastered from brand-new high-definition transfers of the original film elements.

Shout! Factory's 6-disc release will run 858 minutes and includes a bonus Audio Interview with Tony Dow from the Shokus Internet Radio program Stu's Show.

Hannah Montana - The Complete Fourth and Final Season

03/08 - Hannah Montana - The Complete Fourth and Final Season

It's the final season of Hannah Montana, the show that redefined television and inspired a generation of young girls.

You've been part of Miley Stewart's life for four amazing years and have watched her grow up with her best friends Lilly and Oliver. Now it's senior year and Miley is at a crossroads. After all these years, does she still have the best of both worlds? Can she continue her alter ego, Hannah Montana, or will she leave it all behind to be an ordinary girl?

See the epic series finale and bring home this must own 2-disc DVD collection, including cast goodbyes and the exclusive final season alternate ending! Now join Miley, Lilly, Oliver, Robby Ray, Jackson, Rico and special guest stars Sheryl Crow, Cody Linley, Dolly Parton and more as they bring the groundbreaking and beloved series to a close.

Special Features:

28-Page Memory Book
Signed Photo of Hannah Montana
DVD-Exclusive Alternate Ending to the Series Finale
"Cast Goodbyes" Featurette
From Auditions to Wrap: The Cast Looks Back

Coach - The Fourth Season

03/15 - Coach - The Fourth Season

Go the whole nine yards with Primetime Emmy Award winner Craig T. Nelson as he returns to his beloved role as Hayden Fox in Season Four of Coach! This three-disc set includes all 21 hilarious episodes chronicling the professional and private life of the curmudgeonly coach of the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles football team. By his side are Assistant Coach Luther Van Dam and the devoted Christine Armstrong (Primetime Emmy nominees Jerry Van Dyke and Shelley Fabares).

Dennis the Menace - Season One

03/29 - Dennis the Menace - Season One

Airing on CBS from '59-'63, Dennis the Menace is a TV series based on the popular and iconic Hank Ketcham comic strip of the same name. The show follows the lives of the Mitchell family: Henry, Alice, and their only child, Dennis. Dennis is an energetic, well meaning, but trouble-prone boy...and sometimes a mischievous child. He often tangles with peace-and-quiet-loving neighbor, George Wilson. Available for the first time on any home entertainment format: all 32 original uncut episodes! Based on the iconic, long-running comic strip (which debuted in '51) and still runs daily in over 1,000 newspapers in 48 countries.

Here's Lucy - Season Four

03/29 - Here's Lucy - Season Four

MPI Home Video releases all 24 color episodes, uncut and digitally remastered.

Special Features:

Exclusive Featurettes
Videotaped Introductions by Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz Jr., Guest Stars and Production Personnel
Unreleased Home Movies
Behind-the-Scenes Footage
"Let's Talk to Lucy" - Long-Lost Radio Shows where Lucy Talks to Celebritites
Special Footage

April 2011:

Growing Pains - The Complete Second Season

04/26 - Growing Pains - The Complete Second Season're fired. Mike (Kirk Cameron) receives a car from his pleased parents after he's named Employee of the Month. (So how's he going to tell them he's been canned?) Mike's not the only one with secrets. Brainy Carol (Tracey Gold) wants everyone to think she has a romantic extracurricular life with a hunky football hero. And what's up with 10-year-old Ben (Jeremy Miller) and those 67 calls to a sex line? (No, it's not what you might think.) These events don't all happen at the same time, but they do all happen at the same place: the Season 2 home-sweet-ho-ho-home of the Seavers - dad Jason (Alan Thicke), mom Maggie (Joanna Kerns), and three on-the-go kids. Jason works as a psychiatrist. You think maybe it's time to add some family appointments to his calendar?

Warner Home Video's 3-disc set has a running time of 572 minutes. Show me that smile again!

04/26 - The Lucy Show - The Official Fourth Season

CBS DVD/Paramount will release the fourth season on April 26.

Other Sitcoms Expected on DVD in 2011:

The Donna Reed Show - MPI Home Video has picked up the rights to the fourth and fifth seasons. The fourth season is expected to be released no earlier than mid-May. Congratulations to our message board member Jude The Obscure for starting the Facebook campaign to get these released.

Father Knows Best - Shout! Factory has begun the work on the sixth season. It will be a Shout! Factory Select release available only through their online store.

I'm Dickens, He's Fenster - Season 1, Volume 1 with 16 episodes is planned for a 2011 release.

Women of the House - The 1995 Designing Women spin-off starring Delta Burke, Teri Garr and Patricia Heaton is expected to come to DVD in May (although has a listing for February 1st). The 3-disc set will contain all 12 episodes, including 4 which never aired on CBS.

Special thanks to the fine folks at for the artwork and information in compiling this preview. Thanks also to our own Skees for our weekly Digital Digest. Preview compiled by Todd.

2011 Predictions:

These are my predictions and opinions only for 2011. Some of them probably have zero chance, but I still have them on my wish list. None of these titles have been officially announced.

Some current shows that I expect to debut on DVD or have more seasons/volumes released include American Dad!, Are We There Yet?, Better with You, The Big Bang Theory, The Cleveland Show, Community, Cougar Town, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Family Guy, House of Payne, How I Met Your Mother, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Middle, Mike & Molly, Modern Family, The Office, Outsourced, Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope, Rules of Engagement, $#*! My Dad Says, The Simpsons, 30 Rock and Two and a Half Men,

Classic Shows Predictions:

According to Jim - Season 2 was finally released in May 2010. Let's hope that we don't have to wait that long for Season 3.
Alice - A Christmas episode was released on the Classic TV Christmas Collection . I think it would be an ideal on demand title.
Archie Bunker's Place - We may have to wait until All in the Family is finished, but I think we'll see the remaining seasons eventually.
Becker - I think we'll see Season 4 sometime in 2011. One season has been released every year.
Blossom - I'm surprised that it hasn't been available as a Shout! Factory Select title like Mr. Belvedere. Seasons 1-2 were released way back in January 2009. Mill Creek released a "best of" set in October 2010.
Boy Meets World - Season 4 was finally released in December 2010. Will that open the floodgates for the remaining seasons?
Brooklyn Bridge - There were rumors of a release in 2010 by the show's creator Gary David Goldberg in 2010, but it never materialized.
California Dreams - Season 4 will be released on January 18. Only one season remains to be released.
Coach - Season 4 will be released on March 15. Maybe we will get the remaining seasons a little quicker.
The Courtship of Eddie's Father - An episode was released on the Classic TV Christmas Collection . Season sets would be great to see.
Designing Women - Seasons 3-4 were released in 2010, so I would expect to see Seasons 5-6 in 2011.
Diff'rent Strokes - Shout! Factory picked up the rights to The Facts of Life and released 2 seasons in 2010. I hope they do the same with this one. RIP Gary Coleman.
8 Simple Rules - We are still waiting for the third and final season.
The Facts of Life - Seasons 4 and 5 were released in 2010. Hopefully we will have more of the same in 2011.
Family Matters - Season 1 was released in June. Let's hope that we see more Urkel and company.
Family Ties - Season 5 was released way back in March 2009. This series appears to be stalled, but let's hope they can pick up the pace in 2011.
Frank's Place - It has been mentioned as a possibility for a DVD release, although it would have music changed. It didn't happen in 2009-2010, so is this the year?
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Season 5 was finally released in May 2010. Only Season 6 is needed to complete the series.
George Lopez - Remains a big hit on Nick at Nite and George Lopez's Lopez Tonight is drawing viewers on TBS. It's time for more seasons Warner Brothers! Sheow!
Happy Days - Season 5 was released way back in December 2008, but it seems many CBS DVD/Paramount series have been stalled. Let's hope for more Happy Days in 2011. RIP Tom Bosley.
Hope & Faith - Season 1 was released but we are still waiting on Seasons 2-3 from Lionsgate.
It's Your Move - It would make an ideal 3-disc set from Shout! Factory. If there isn't already a Facebook campaign for it, I may start one for this Jason Bateman classic.
Laverne & Shirley - Another stalled series from CBS DVD/Paramount. Season 4 was released way back in April 2008.
Less Than Perfect - Season 1 was released in September. Hopefully this underrated series will have more seasons available in 2011.
Mad About You - Seasons 4 and 5 were released by Shout! Factory in 2010. Only Seasons 6 and 7 are needed to complete the series.
Mama's Family - A Christmas episode was released on the Classic TV Christmas Collection . Season 2 would be nice to see through .
Mr. Belvedere - Seasons 1-4 have been released. We're just waiting on Seasons 5-6 to complete the series.
Mister Ed - Seasons 2-4 were released in 2010, so it seems likely we'll see the remaining two seasons in 2011.
Mork & Mindy - Mork calling CBS DVD... come in CBS DVD... We only need the fourth season to complete the series.
My Favorite Martian - Season 3 was released several years ago in Australia, but it was never released in the U.S. There was supposed to be a release in 2010, but it hasn't happened yet.
My Three Sons - I think we'll see Season 3 released in 2011.
My Two Dads - Only the third season remains to be released by Shout! Factory. Mill Creek is releasing a 10 episode set on January 18.
My Wife and Kids - Season 2 was released in May 2010 after a long wait.
Night Court - Season 4 was released through the in September, but it was pulled due to some issues with the set.
Parker Lewis Can't Lose - Seasons 1 and 2 have been released. We're just waiting on the third season to complete the series.
Perfect Strangers - Warner Bros. now has a "best of" collection available on the On Demand service at . This could be a good sign that we'll eventually see the second season on DVD or maybe as part of WBShop's on demand store. We desperately need more Balki!
The Phil Silvers Show/Sgt. Bilko - Season 1 was released on July 27. Hope to see Season 2 in 2011.
Rhoda - Seasons 2-4 were released in 2010. Only Season 5 is needed to complete the series.
Silver Spoons - It would make a nice Shout! Factory Select title.
Small Wonder - Seasons 1-2 have been released. Seasons 3-4 are still needed to complete the series.
Spin City - The Michael J. Fox seasons will be complete in February, but we're still waiting on the Charlie Sheen seasons.
Welcome Back, Kotter - An episode was released on the Classic TV Christmas Collection . The remaining seasons would be great to see.
The Wonder Years - The first season had only six episodes. It could be given a trial run. Music licensing rights are a major issue, but hopefully a company like Shout! Factory could work on this set. Has been the #1 most requested unreleased show at for quite awhile by a wide margin for years. While we wait for the DVD, you can watch it on The Hub.

What are your predictions for 2011? Which new releases are you most excited about? What are your most wanted unreleased sitcoms? Post your comments on our message board.

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Sitcom Stars on Talk Shows (Week of May 20)

Friday, May 24

  • Jennifer Lopez (South Central) - Watch Jennifer on a repeat of Jimmy Kimmel Live! at 11:35pm on ABC.
  • Jerry Seinfeld (Seinfeld) - Jerry is a guest on a repeat of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at 11:35pm on NBC.
  • Tiffany Haddish (The Last O.G./The Carmichael Show) - Tiffany appears on a repeat of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at 11:35pm on CBS.
  • Kristen Wiig (Palm Royale/Bless the Harts) - Kristen is a guest on a repeat of Late Night with Seth Meyers at 12:36am on NBC.
  • Fred Armisen (Los Espookys/Forever/Final Space) - Fred sits in with The 8G Band on a repeat of Late Night with Seth Meyers at 12:36am on NBC.
  • John Leguizamo (The Brothers Garcia) - John chats with the ladies of The View on a repeat on ABC at 11am ET/10am CT-PT.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt (Shaky Ground) - Jennifer is a guest on The Talk on CBS at 2pm ET/1pm CT-PT.

New on DVD/Blu-ray

Father Knows Best - The Complete Series Three's Company - The Official 40th Anniversary Collection Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. - The Complete Series (Blu-ray) Too Close for Comfort - The Complete Series Check It Out! - The Complete Series

12/05 - Father Knows Best - The Complete Series
12/05 - The Odd Couple - The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
12/12 - The Dick Van Dyke Show - The Complete Series
12/12 - Looney Tunes Collector's Choice - Volume 2 (Blu-ray)
12/12 - That Girl - The Complete Series
12/15 - Letterkenny - Season 11
12/19 - The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - The Official Restored Complete Series
12/22 - Three's Company - The Official 40th Anniversary Collection (includes The Ropers and Three's a Crowd)
01/09 - South Park - Seasons 11-15 (Blu-ray)
01/16 - Ghosts (UK) - Season Five
02/13 - Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. - The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
02/27 - The Really Loud House - Season One
03/12 - Ghosts (UK) - The Complete Series
03/12 - Looney Tunes Collector's Choice - Volume 3 (Blu-ray)
03/12 - Rick and Morty - Season 7 (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
04/03 - Too Close for Comfort - The Complete Series (VEI)
04/08 - Check It Out! - The Complete Series (VEI)
05/21 - Frasier (2023) - Season One

The Odd Couple - The Complete Series (Blu-ray) That Girl - The Complete Series The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - The Official Restored Complete Series

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