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2008 Sitcoms on DVD Preview

The ratings analysis and how the sitcoms did will return next week, as we don't have final ratings for Wednesday and Thursday thus yet. However, we have an annual special coming up!

Welcome to our 3rd Annual Sitcoms on DVD Preview and Predictions Issue! First, we will look at some of the releases that have been officially announced or rumored to be coming to DVD in 2008. Then we will offer some of our own predictions of some new and returning sitcoms that we feel have some chance to be released this year.

Making their debut on DVD in 2008 will be Evening Shade, Father Knows Best, The Love Boat, My Boys, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Newhart, Perfect Strangers, and Weird Science. Hopefully we will have information on many more later in the year.

Returning favorites that have been announced include Barney Miller (after a 4-year wait!), Coach, The Color Honeymooners/The Jackie Gleason Show, The Cosby Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Family Affair, Family Ties, Girlfriends, Love, American Style, Make Room for Daddy, McHale's Navy, The Odd Couple, Punky Brewster, That '70s Show, Two and a Half Men, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and Wings.

The below links go to where you can pre-order these titles at up to 33% off their list price. We are an affiliate of and receive a commission for each sale. Please consider ordering through our links. Thanks for your support!

January 2008:

Weird Science - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2

01/01 - Weird Science - The Complete Seasons 1 & 2

Weird Science, the popular TV sitcom of the '90s based on the classic '80s John Hughes film of the same name, is indeed now on DVD with the complete first and second seasons from A&E Home Video! Wyatt Donnelly and Gary Wallace are two regular high school nerds struggling with unpopularity, a serious dating drought, and the endless torment of Wyatt's older brother Chett. Therefore, they use computer skills to create their dream girl Lisa, whose supermodel good looks and super-genius brain are overshadowed only by her extraordinary power to grant the boys whatever they desire, but Lisa often takes the boys' wishes a bit too literally, and things don't always turn out as planned. It is a '90s take on I Dream of Jeannie, except Lisa is not dressed as a genie but as a super-model! Read our review.

Two and a Half Men - The Complete Second Season

01/08 - Two and a Half Men - The Complete Second Season

Welcome back to the Harpers' Malibu beach house, home to one of the funniest TV comedy hits in a long, long time. Bachelor Charlie's trying (but not very hard) to remember the name of the girl currently taking a shower upstairs. And Alan, Charlie's divorced, uptight brother, who's proud to have been named the San Fernando Valley's Chiropractor of the Year. And Jake, Alan's 11-year-old son, who's happiest with a juice box in one hand and the TV remote in the other. After a year of living together, the guys have figured out how two and a half men equal one family. Sort of. But there are plenty of hilariously rough spots along the way. And you'll share them all in this 4-disc collection that includes all 24 episodes of the series' smart and sparkling second season. Special features include A Day in the Life of Two and a Half Men featurette, The Serious Business of Writing Comedy featurette and a gag reel.

Family Guy - Blue Harvest

01/15 - Family Guy - Blue Harvest

A long time ago, but somehow in the future, Fox Home Entertainment presents an outrageous look at the Star Wars universe when Family Guy Presents: "Blue Harvest" parodies the movie that started it all - Episode IV: A New Hope - on DVD on January 15. In the season premiere of the offensively uproarious series' sixth season, "Blue Harvest" finds Peter, Lois, Chris, Stewie, Brian and some of Quahog's finest in the middle of George Lucas' beloved science-fiction epic. Feel the Farce in the most irreverent and hilarious way possible; with Han Solo (Peter) Dumpster diving for furniture; Darth Vader (Stewie) soiling his diapers; Luke (Chris) battling against "Thai" fighters; and C-3PO (Quagmire) flirting with a 1980s dot-matrix printer. Featuring hysterical cameos from Rush Limbaugh, Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo and Helen Reddy, Family Guy Presents: "Blue Harvest" is "a dead-on homage that hilariously picks apart Star Wars, along with much of real life" (Associated Press). The DVD features more than four minutes of never-before-seen material; an uncensored track; animatics; commentaries; interviews with Seth MacFarlane and George Lucas; and a first look at a now-in-production "Family Guy" Star Wars spoof (which goes by the working title of "Something, Something, Something Dark Side"). Also available for true "Family Guy" and "Star Wars" fans is a special edition DVD that features collectible packaging, trading cards, an exclusive brochure, 3-D glasses, a t-shirt and more.

The New Adventures of Old Christine - The Complete First Season

01/15 - The New Adventures of Old Christine - The Complete First Season

Single working mom Christine Campbell has just learned that her ex is dating a much younger woman with the same first name. To avoid any confusion, the new girlfriend is dubbed New Christine, which leaves her with the unfortunate nickname Old Christine. Julia Louis-Dreyfus' hilarious and insightful performance in the title role won fans and earner her the 2006 Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Christine struggles to hold it together as she adjusts to her new nickname, confronts the meanie moms at her son's private school, jumps back in the dating pool- and gets laughs every misstep of the way. Speial features include The Real Chrstine: A Conversation with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Series Creator Kari Lizer and Cast, Unaired Scenes and a Gag Reel.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - The Third Season

01/15 - Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - The Third Season

The third season of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch is now on DVD! The show stars Melissa Joan Hart as the adorable teen who this season finally gets her witch’s license. However, there is a catch! Before she can use it, she must uncover a family secret -- with the help of her wacky aunt Hilda (Caroline Rhea), wise Aunt Zelda (Beth Broderick), and her talking cat Salem (Nick Bakay). And while they may advise her to keep her magic hidden, at school Sabrina still helps steady Harvey (Nate Richert) and best friend Valerie (Lindsay Sloane), while protecting herself from rival Libby (Jenna Leigh Green) and mean Mr. Kraft (Martin Mull). Read our review.

Barney Miller - The Complete Second Season

01/22 - Barney Miller - The Complete Second Season

The three-disc DVD set includes all 22 episodes from the second season, with guest stars Linda Lavin (TV’s Alice), David Doyle (TV’s General Hospital), and Adam Arkin (Hitch). Barney Miller is the kind of cop we'd all like to meet. He somehow manages to maintain order at New York City’s 12th Precinct in Greenwich Village and remains level-headed while dealing with a group of off-the-wall inner-city detectives. Among them is a gambler, another who attends renaissance philosophy conventions for fun, and a third who spends most of his time daydreaming about being an author. This season, the precinct deals with potential layoffs, a man who threatens to blow up the station unless he can speak with President Nixon, marijuana evidence that suspiciously disappears, and a job offer from Florida for Barney.

Make Room for Daddy

01/22 - Make Room for Daddy - Season 6

In the series, Danny plays nightclub entertainer Danny Williams, an occasionally loud and cantankerous, but ultimately warm and soft-hearted master of his domain. Constantly being upstaged by his bratty but loveable kids, played by Rusty Hamer, Angela Cartwright and Sherry Williams (whose role was taken over by Penny Parker), the ensemble also included beautiful Marjorie Lord as his understanding wife, and legendary character actor Hans Conreid as irascible Uncle Tonoose.

"Make Room For Daddy" was unique for many reasons, including how it portrayed the family life of an entertainer dealing with both industry and ordinary family issues. Another reason was its frequent appearances by top celebrities. In this Season 6 boxed-set, William Demarest, Jack Benny, Dinah Shore, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Shirley Jones, and Bob Hope are but a few legendary performers lending their talents. In addition, upcoming stars had recurring roles, such as Tony Bennett as Danny's cousin Steven from Toledo, and Annette Funicello as Italian exchange student Gina Minelli.

Special features include interviews with Marjorie Lord, Angela Cartwright and Sid Melton; Blooper Reel; Photo Gallery; 10 minute featurette on St. Jude's Children's Hospital; an excerpt of Marjorie Lord reading from her memoir "A Dance and A Hug."

The Odd Couple - The Third Season

01/22 - The Odd Couple - The Third Season

Neil Simon's The Odd Couple makes a glorious return to DVD, with all 23 Season Three episodes remastered onto four discs. This season, television is a recurring theme, as sportswriter Oscar Madison (Jack Klugman) hosts his own television show, fussy Felix Unger (Tony Randall) directs his first television commercial, and the roommates appear on two game shows.

Also this season, Felix and Oscar get arrested and stand trial, and even give their famous Manhattan apartment a makeover. Returning are Oscar's loyal secretary Myrna, his sharp-tongued ex-wife Blanche, and Felix's ex-wife Gloria, while Murray the cop temporarily becomes their new roommate. The Odd Couple is back, staking its claim as one of the funniest shows on television!

Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete Sixth Season

01/29 - Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete Sixth Season

Deep inside, you know you're him. Curb Your Enthusiasm - it's the HBO hit comedy series starring Larry David as...Larry David! Each half-hour episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm features footage of David (playing himself) at home, at work and around town, as he gets into predicaments with fictional and real-life personalities. Special features include behind-the-scenes footage, a conversation between cast members Larry David and Susie Essman, and a gag reel.

Hannah Montana - One in a Million

01/29 - Hannah Montana - One in a Million

As the world’s favorite pop princess, Hannah Montana (aka sweet Southern gal Miley Stewart) has amazing one-in-a-million experiences that happen in the blink of an eye – and they all come with drama. Four hilarious episodes from the smash-hit Disney Channel Original Series are packed into Hannah Montana: One In A Million – including a special episode starring the Jonas Brothers! Plus, go behind-the-scenes for exclusive bonus features, like reliving famous feuding moments with your favorite Disney Channel characters. Meeting the totally cute Jonas Brothers is awesome – till Hannah learns they’d rather hang out with Robbie Ray. Miley’s dad goes on a date with Lilly’s mom-but will sisterhood ruin the BFFs’ friendship? Jake comes back to town – and gets friendly with Mikayla, Hannah’s arch rival. And the Stewart family gets down ‘n’ dirty over an old feud (hint: Elvis was in the house). Sweet nibblets! Can’t they all just get along? Join Hannah and her wonderfully funny family and friends for laughs, (mis)adventures and totally rockin’ music.

February 2008:

Perfect Strangers - The Complete First and Second Seasons

02/05 - Perfect Strangers - The Complete First and Second Seasons

Welcome to Chicago, Balki Bartokomous! The professional sheepherder from the tiny island of Mypos won't find many woolly quadrupeds in the Windy City, but he will find pop-top soda cans. Singles bars. Color TV. Mobsters. Game shows. Pink lemonade (how'd they get pink lemons?). And many more modern oddities sure to amaze the man from Mypos. Bronson Pinchot portrays Balki and Mark Linn-Baker plays his stateside cousin and long-suffering roommate in Perfect Strangers, the hilarious culture-clash comedy that delighted fans for eight hit seasons with its mix of slapstick and insight. Should you miss a single laugh in this complete, 28-episode, 4-disc Season One/Two collection? Don't be ridikalus!

Family Ties - The Third Season

02/12 - Family Ties - The Third Season

Steve and Elyse Keaton (Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter-Birney), once 1960s radicals, now find themselves in Reagan-Era American trying to raise a traditional suburban family. Son Alex P. Keaton (Michael J. Fox) is an ambitious Young Republican and his sister Mallory (Justine Bateman) is a shallow victim of the corporate culture, obsessed with music, clothes and boys. Their only normal kid is young Jennifer (Tina Yothers), a bit of a tomboy. All 22 episodes from the third season, including the one-hour "Remembrances of Things Past." Notable guest stars include Timothy Busfield, Marsha Warfield, Alison LaPlaca, Bill Campbell, Geena Davis, Anne Ramsey, James Cromwell, Ben Piazza, Nancy Everhard, and Anne Seymour.

Girlfriends - The Third Season

02/12 - Girlfriends - The Third Season

The four-disc set will contain all 24 episodes from the third season, including the one-hour season finale "Wedding." Isaac Hayes is among the many guest stars. The total running times is 523 minutes.

Coach - The Third Season

02/19 - Coach - The Third Season

Go the whole nine yards with Primetime Emmy® Award winner Craig T. Nelson as he returns to his beloved role as Hayden Fox in Season Three of Coach! This three-disc set includes all 22 hilarious episodes chronicling the professional and private life of the curmudgeonly coach of the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles football team. By his side are Assistant Coach Luther Van Dam and the devoted Christine Armstrong (Primetime Emmy® nominees Jerry Van Dyke and Shelley Fabares), as well as powerhouse guest stars such as Rob Schneider (Deuce Bigalow), Jim Piddock (Epic Movie), Christopher Duncan (Veronica Mars), and more! Nominated for an impressive four Primetime Emmy® Awards, Coach is the all-star series that will have you cheering!

Family Affair - Season Five

02/26 - Family Affair - Season Five

Family Affair was a popular situation comedy and a regular top 20 hit show produced by Don Fedderson Productions for CBS-TV during its five-year run from 1966-71. Brian Keith stars as bachelor Bill Davis, a highly-paid engineering consultant who lives in a posh Manhattan apartment with his proper English manservant, Mr. Giles French (Sebastian Cabot). Davis carefree existence is turned upside down when his brother and sister-in-law die suddenly in a tragic plane accident, leaving their three children orphaned. Davis becomes an instant father figure to six year-old twins, Buffy and Jody (Anissa Jones, Johnnie Whitaker) and their big sister, Cissy (Kathy Garver). The special feature will be a tour of the CBS Studio with Kathy Garver.

The Color Honeymooners Collection 2

02/26 - The Color Honeymooners (aka The Jackie Gleason Show) Collection 2

The Color Honeymooners (aka The Jackie Gleason Show), a top-rated comedy/variety program aired, from the sun and fun capital of the world Miami Beach! on Saturday night from 1966-70 on CBS-TV. This long-running series marked the final weekly TV show for The Great One.

Reprising their famous characters from The Honeymooners, the cast was led by Jackie Gleason (Ralph Kramden) and Art Carney (Ed Norton). Newcomers Sheila MacRae and Jane Kean played long-suffering wives Alice and Trixie. Like popular variety series of the time, the show s format was a clever combination of new comedy sketches coupled with classic Honeymooners bits. Plenty of big name guest stars and a generous helping of singing and dancing rounded out the hour.

Regulars included Gleason's glamorous Glea-Girls; the June Taylor Dancers; Sammy Spear and His Orchestra, and announcer, Johnny Olson.

Newhart - The Complete First Season

02/26 - Newhart - The Complete First Season

After a four-year break from television comedy, Bob Newhart made his triumphant return in 1982 with the second sitcom to bare his famous name. Nominated for 25 Emmys during its eight year run on CBS, the hit series makes its eagerly anticipated house-call when "Newhart" The Complete First Season debuts on DVD February 26 from Fox Home Entertainment. This time around, Newhart trades in his psychiatrist couch and the Windy City for the comfort of the historic Stratford Inn in rural Vermont that he runs with his wife Joanna. It is here that successful do-it-yourself book writer Dick Loudon (Newhart) becomes somewhat of a local celebrity as host of the local cable television show "Vermont Today" and deals with all the quirky neighbors and characters that live in his quiet little town...from dim-witted handyman George Utley, to brothers Larry, Darryl and Darryl, to spoiled heiress Stephanie Vanderkellen.

"Newhart" featured a cast of television comedy veterans including Tom Poston ("The Bob Newhart Show," "Mork & Mindy"), Peter Scolari ("Bosom Buddies"), Julia Duffy ("Designing Women") and William Sanderson ("Deadwood," "Coach"). The "Newhart" The Complete First Season DVD set includes all 22 episodes from the outrageous critically acclaimed first season as well as three all-new behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Punky Brewster - Season Four

02/26 - Punky Brewster - Season Four

4 DISCS OF PUNKY POWER featuring 22 Episodes. Punky Brewster is back for her fourth and final season! Punky (Soleil Moon Frye) has come a long way since the first time she turned our world around, but that’s not to say she doesn’t have a thing or two left to learn. In this series ending season, Punky confronts crushes, camp, bankruptcy, scam artists, illiteracy, child abuse and even her own appendix! Through her classic personality and the pandemonium that inevitably ensues, Punky and her medley of family & friends conquer life lessons and still leave us laughing.

March 2008:

The Love Boat - Season One, Volume One

03/04 - The Love Boat - Season One, Volume One

This three-disc set will include the first 12 episodes from the first season according to . Guest stars include Meredith Baxter-Birney, Bonnie Franklin, Suzanne Somers, Jimmie Walker, John Ritter, Jaclyn Smith, Scott Baio, Florence Halop, Kristy McNichol, Richard Mulligan, Robert Reed, Loretta Swit, Milton Berle, Charo, Bill Bixby, Audra Lindley, Diahann Carroll, Jim Nabors, Patty Duke, Ruth Gordon, Tab Hunter, Maureen McCormick, Ray Bolger, Alana Stewart, Steve Allen, Polly Bergen, Sandy Duncan, J. Jay Saunders, Loni Anderson, Gary Burghoff, Jane Curtin, Joanna Kerns, Phil Silvers, Eva Gabor, Al Molinaro, Leslie Nielsen, Florence Henderson, Dick Sargent, Shecky Greene, Donna Mills, Tom Poston, Anson Williams, Pat Morita, Arte Johnson...and Robert Urich. An impressive list and that is only the first 12 episodes!

Love, American Style - Season One, Volume Two

03/11 - Love, American Style - Season One, Volume One

This 3-disc set contains the final 12 episodes from the Emmy-Award winning first season and will run 622 minutes. Guest stars according to include Sue Lyon, George Gobel, Vivian Vance, Joe Besser, Imogene Coca, Bob Crane, Shecky Greene, Mariette Hartley, Dorothy Lamour, Penny Marshall, Dick Sargent, Joan Van Ark, Wally Cox, Pat Harrington Jr., Jerry Van Dyke, Ray Walston, Shelley Berman, Julie Newmar, Tony Randall, Pat Carroll, Bob Denver, Joey Heatherton, Paul Lynde, Carol Wayne, Adam West, Jackie Coogan, Burt Reynolds, Kurt Russell, Orson Bean, Karen Valentine, Jo Anne Worley, Steve Allen, Tom Bosley, Jim Backus, Bill Dana, Bernie Kopell, Gary Collins, Meredith MacRae, Patrick Wayne, Jonathan Harris, Darren McGavin, Suzanne Pleshette, Kathleen Freeman, Mel Tormé, Van Williams and Joyce Van Patten.

03/11 - My Boys - The Complete First Season

A TBS comedy/drama centering on PJ Franklin, a twenty-something female sports writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, whose 'family' consists of a bunch of lovable guys who share all her favorite pastimes: sports, poker and beer. But finding a boyfriend and making a future for herself can be tricky for a girl with so many men in her life! Starring hot new talent Jordana Spiro (Must Love Dogs). Special features include Life in the Press Box: Behind-the-Scenes of My Boys, Sports Quiz, Favorites in Sports, P.J's Rules for Sports and Dating, No Crying in Baseball: Gag Reel, and Riding the Pine: Deleted Scenes.

McHale's Navy - Season Three

03/26 - McHale's Navy - Season Three

ALL 36 EPISODES FROM THE THIRD SEASON STARRING ERNEST BORGNINE, TIM CONWAY AND JOE FLYNN Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale ,Ernest Borgnine, Ensign Parker ,Tim Conway, and the rest of the misfit crew of PT73 are back in action on the Taratupa Island Naval Base, setting sail for 36 more adventures in hilarity. From 1962 through 1966, McHale’s Navy was a mustsee staple of ABC television. By the show’s third year on the air, the now familiar crew had become a classic embodiment of American culture an unforgettable gang of funloving guys who were constantly at odds with authority.

Wings - The Sixth Season

03/25 - Wings - The Sixth Season

The 4-disc set will contain all 26 episodes from the sixth season and run 532 minutes according to . Guest stars include George Plimpton, Soupy Sales, Debbie Reynolds, Robert Culp, Dann Florek, Michael J. Pollard and Gilbert Gottfried.

April 2008:

That '70s Show - Season Eight

04/01 - That '70s Show - Season Eight

Disco may be dead but the funky decade full of polyester and eight tracks lives on when "That '70s Show" Season Eight boogies its way onto DVD April 1st from Fox Home Entertainment and Carsey-Werner. Featuring a seriously swinging cast, "That '70s Show" stars Wilmer Valderrama (Unaccompanied Minors), Ashton Kutcher (The Guardian) Laura Prepon ("October Road"), Mila Kunis ("Family Guy"), Danny Masterson (Capers, "The Dead Zone"), Debra Jo Rupp (Kickin' It Old Skool), Tommy Chong, and Kurtwood Smith (RoboCop). Season Eight featured several new faces on the show, including series cast additions Josh Meyers ("Mad TV," Date Movie) and Jud Tylor (Charlie Wilson's War, "What About Brian"), plus gnarly guest stars including the incomparable TV legend Mary Tyler Moore, singer/songwriter Isaac Hayes, Barry Williams and Christopher Knight ("The Brady Bunch") and Justin Long (Live Free Or Die Hard).

"That '70s Show" Season Eight features bonus materials including a series retrospective featurette with all-new cast interviews shot the last week on set reflecting on the hilarious final season of the veteran comedy show, plus a behind-the-scenes set tour with director David Trainer, episode promos and more.

Father Knows Best

04/01 - Father Knows Best - Season One

Enter the perfect family life of a General Insurance agent Jim Anderson. Beginning in 1954, Jim would come home from his office, take off his sports jacket, put on his comfortable sweater, and deal with the everyday problems of a growing family without breaking a sweat. His picture perfect wife Margaret is a vibrant mother of three – Betty, Bud and Kathy. To the millions who watched the six-time Primetime Emmy®-winning Father Knows Best, starring Robert Young and Jane Wyatt; Elinor Donahue, Bill Gray and Lauren Chapin, this long running TV sitcom not only captured the hearts of American viewers, but also stood as the representation of mid-century traditional family values.

On April 1, 2008, Shout! Factory will bring this beloved nuclear family sitcom back to every home through the first-ever DVD release of Father Knows Best: Season One. Endorsed and produced in tandem with the heirs of Robert Young and producer Eugene B. Rodney, co-proprietors of the TV series, the Father Knows Best: Season One DVD box set features all 26 classic wholesome episodes plus the never-before-seen episode 24 Hours in Tyrantland, which was created for the U.S. government in 1959, plus exclusive DVD features with all-new revealing interviews, Robert Young's Home Movies, rare "behind-the-scenes" color footage, the pilot episode of Robert Young's very next TV series Window On Main Street and much more! Whether reliving the rosy memory of a perfect family life from the 1950s or discovering this classic sitcom for the first time, viewers from all generations will fall in love with Father Knows Best all over again as the Father Knows Best: Season One 4-DVD box set is priced for everyone to own at $34.99. Head on over to for the full press release and listing of the impressive special features.

04/08 - The Cosby Show - Season 7
04/08 - The Cosby Show - Season 8

Special thanks to the fine folks at for the artwork and information in compiling this preview.

Other Sitcoms Expected on DVD in 2008:

According to Jim - Rumored to be coming in late January, that obviously isn't happening. Hopefully they announce something official soon. Maybe around the season/series finale date on ABC?
Evening Shade - CBS DVD/Paramount is planning a June 24th release for
the First Season.
Married with Children - The Eighth Season is coming on March 18th.
Kate & Allie - VEI in Canada is planning to release the fifth season "sometime later in 2008."
The Odd Couple - The Fourth Season is expected in June from CBS DVD/Paramount.
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch - The Fourth Season is tentatively planned for mid-June from CBS DVD/Paramount.


First, let's take a quick look back at my 2007 Predictions. We didn't see as many new releases or returning favorites as I was expecting.

We didn't see releases for According to Jim (rumored for 2008), Alice, Chico and the Man, Designing Women, Family Matters, The Golden Palace, The Love Boat (although it is coming in March), My Wife and Kids, Perfect Strangers (Seasons 1-2 are coming in February!), The Ropers, Square Pegs, Three's a Crowd, or The Wonder Years.

Sony has especially slowed down on their releases. Where are the seasons for Diff'rent Strokes and The Facts of Life? I hope they haven't been abandoned. We did see the second season of Charles in Charge, although it came from Arts Alliance America and not Universal. I think we'll see a new trend
this year of different, smaller studios picking up abandoned shows from the larger studios.

I did correctly predict some sitcoms that made their season debuts in 2007: 8 Simple Rules, Maude, One Day at a Time, Silver Spoons, Welcome Back, Kotter and What's Happening Now!!. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.

2008 Predictions:

These are my predictions for 2008 and opinions only. Some of them probably have zero chance, but I still have them on my wishlist. None of these titles have been announced. I predict we'll see these debut or have additional seasons released.

Returning and New Shows:

Alice - It was on my predictions list last year. I think the fan base is there, and it would do well if it was given the chance.
All in the Family - It would be nice if Sony released these a bit faster.
Back to You - I'm not sure how the strike will affect it, but we should see the first season at some point.
Benson - Season 1 seemed to sell well, so hopefully we will see the second season.
Bewitched - I'd expect another season or two this year.
The Big Bang Theory - A solid hit on CBS Mondays.
Charles in Charge - Hopefully they are released at a quicker pace, since Arts Alliance America is releasing them now.
Cheers - CBS/DVD Paramount couldn't have abandoned this popular series? Hopefully we see a season or two in 2008.
Chico and the Man - Another series that would do well if given the chance.
The Cosby Show - It's nice they are releasing two seasons at a time.
Dennis the Menace - My darkhorse pick. Would be nice if MPI acquired the rights to release it. They have done an excellent job with The Doris Day Show and Family Affair.
Designing Women - This is the year, but Sony is very slow at releasing sets.
Diff'rent Strokes - Time for season 3 already.
A Different World - The Cosby Show is being released at a quick pace. Where is this spin-off?
The Drew Carey Show - Drew Carey is everywhere these days. ION currently airs the show.
8 Simple Rules - I'm hoping we see all 3 seasons on DVD.
Everybody Hates Chris - Seems to be a popular show, although it doesn't get huge ratings on The CW.
The Facts of Life - Started off quickly with two releases, but where is Season 4?
Family Matters - A Television Favorites Compilation was planned for 2006 but never released. It would be nice to see Urkel and the gang again.
Family Ties - CBS DVD/Paramount has been releasing these at a good clip.
The Flying Nun - Where is the third and final season?
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - A Nick at Nite staple.
George Lopez - We should see the third season now, since it is on Nick at Nite regularly.
Gimme A Break - Hopefully Arts Alliance America will acquire it and they continue with the third season.
The Golden Palace - The Golden Girls is very popular, so I think it only natural that the spin-off series could be released.
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. - CBS DVD/Paramount has been releasing these with regularity.
Green Acres - Time for somebody to wake MGM up.
Happy Days - Should be releasing faster since they got over the music licensing hurdles. They did a much better job with the third season.
Hazel - Been awhile since season 1 was released.
Home Improvement - They seem to be good sellers.
House of Payne - A big hit on TBS.
How I Met Your Mother - The third season should be released in the fall.
I Dream of Jeannie - Another season or two this year.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - A popular sitcom on F/X.
The Jeffersons - It would be nice if Sony released these a bit faster.
Laverne & Shirley - Should be continued to be released with Happy Days and Mork & Mindy.
Leave it to Beaver - It's a shame that only 2 seasons have been released so far. Nothing last year for the 50th anniversary.
The Lucy Show - Should be next after they released The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour in 2007.
Mama's Family - I think we'll see Season 2.
Married with Children - Season 8 is coming in March. Only 3 seasons to go.
Martin - We should see season 4.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show - No releases in 2007. Where is Season 5?
Maude - Sony's release schedule is very unpredictable.
Mork & Mindy - Just one season to go.
My Living Doll - Lots of rumors posted about this one-year wonder on our message board.
My Name Is Earl - Season 3 should be released in the fall.
My Wife and Kids - Popular in syndication. Can a DVD release be far behind?
The Nanny - No releases in awhile.
Night Court - A Season 2 release would be nice.
The Office - Season 4 should arrive in the fall. Hilarious show.
One Day at a Time - It would be nice to see the second season, although Sony's release pattern is a bit erratic.
The Real McCoys - Did you know they've already released the first two seasons?
Rules of Engagement - Seems to be a solid hit for CBS.
Samantha Who? - The #1 rated new sitcom of the season.
Scrubs - The series will be over soon after 7 fun seasons on NBC.
Silver Spoons - Hopefully the first season sales were strong enough to give us the second season.
The Simpsons - Many seasons to go, but they've been released at a good rate.
Square Pegs - A one-year wonder that would be perfect for a DVD release. Aired on TubeTime on Comcast's On Demand service, which I think is a good sign.
That Girl - Shout! Factory has done a nice job with the releases so far.
30 Rock - The second season should be released in the fall.
'Til Death - We will likely see the second season in 2008.
WKRP in Cincinnati - The first season seemed to sell well, despite the many music changes and edits.
Welcome Back, Kotter - I think we'll see Season 2 in 2008.
What's Happening Now!! - Probably won't be released as fast as What's Happening!!, but I think we'll eventually see the entire series released.
Who's the Boss? - Comcast's TubeTime On Demand service is currently showing the second season, which I think is a good sign that this series will make a comeback. Strong ratings on ION should also help.
Will & Grace - Just Season 8 left to go.
Wings - These have been released at a good rate. Only seasons 7-8 left to go.
The Wonder Years - The first season had only six episodes, so it could be given a trial run. Music licensing rights are a major issue, but hopefully a company like Shout! Factory could work on this set. Has been the #1 most requested unreleased show at for quite awhile .

What do you think we'll see on DVD in 2008? Post your predictions on our message board.

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Wednesday, July 24

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Sitcom Stars on Talk Shows (Week of July 22)

Wednesday, July 24

  • Ryan Reynolds (Two Guys and a Girl) and Hugh Jackman (Human Resources) - Ryan and Hugh guest host Jimmy Kimmel Live! at 11:35pm on ABC.
  • Saoirse-Monica Jackson (Derry Girls) - Saoirse-Monica appears on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at 11:35pm on CBS.
  • Whoopi Goldberg (Whoopi/Bagdad Cafe) - Whoopi is a guest on a repeat of Late Night with Seth Meyers at 12:36am on NBC.
  • Abby Elliott (The Bear/Indebted/Odd Mom Out) - Abby appears on a repeat of Late Night with Seth Meyers at 12:36am on NBC.
  • Tony Hale (Veep/Arrested Development) - Tony talks about The Decameron on NBC's Today in the 10am hour.
  • Rob Lowe (Unstable/The Grinder/Parks and Recreation/A New Kind of Family) and John Owen Lowe (Unstable/The Grinder) - Rob and John talk about the new season of Unstable on ABC's Good Morning America some time between 7-9am and on Live with Kelly and Mark, so check your listings.
  • Allison Williams (Girls) - Allison and the cast of Fellow Travlers are guests on a repeat of The Drew Barrymore Show, so check your local listings.
  • Ralph Macchio (Eight Is Enough) - Ralph chats with the ladies of The View on ABC at 11am ET/10am CT-PT.
  • Lil Rel Howery (Rel/The Carmichael Show) - Lil Rel talks about Sony Pictures' Harold and the Purple Crayon on Access Daily with Mario & Kit, so check your local listings.
  • JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm/Blockbuster/The Millers/Bent/'Til Death) - JB appears on a repeat of The Talk on CBS at 2pm ET/1pm CT-PT.

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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. - The Complete Series (Blu-ray) Too Close for Comfort - The Complete Series Check It Out! - The Complete Series The Jeffersons - The Complete Series (2024 Release) Welcome Back, Kotter - The Complete Series (2024 Release)

02/13 - Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. - The Complete Series (Blu-ray)
02/27 - The Really Loud House - Season One
03/12 - Ghosts (UK) - The Complete Series
03/12 - Looney Tunes Collector's Choice - Volume 3 (Blu-ray)
03/12 - Rick and Morty - Season 7 (Blu-ray Steelbook) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
04/03 - Too Close for Comfort - The Complete Series (VEI)
04/08 - Check It Out! - The Complete Series (VEI)
05/21 - Frasier (2023) - Season One
06/11 - The Jeffersons - The Complete Series (2024 Release)
06/11 - Welcome Back, Kotter - The Complete Series (2024 Release)
07/05 - Letterkenny - Season 12 (Final Season)
07/30 - Ted Lasso - The Richmond Way (The Complete Series) (Blu-ray) (DVD)
09/17 - Bewitched - The Complete Series - 60th Anniversary Special Edition (Blu-ray)
09/24 - Friends - The Complete Series (4K Ultra HD)
09/24 - Young Sheldon - The Complete Seventh Season / The Complete Series
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