Thursday, March 09, 2006

Another Season of 'ALF' Coming to DVD; More on Nick@Nite's 90-Second Sitcom

Lionsgate has schedules the third season DVD of ALF for May 30. That date is not that far away, so I wonder when the official announcement will be? Hopefully the date is still accurate. Anyhow, I know will give us information as soon it is allowed to be posted. But for now Melmac fans, pencil in May 30 for Season 3 of ALF! Hopefully we have news on both of the animated series, too, as Lionsgate promised they are coming soon, too.

We broke the news a few weeks back that Nick@Nite was going to air a 90-second sitcom for 8 weeks starting in April. Now we have the episode titles with the dates:
Here is the roll out by date and title:
1. "Maggie Quits" 4/11/06
2. "Mr. Boots Goes Too Far" 4/18
3. "Pete's Lost" It 4/25
4. "Cody the Genius" 5/2
5. "Maggie's New Look" 5/9
6. "A Date For Evelyne" 5/16
7. "A Star is Home" 5/23
8. "Maggie's Last Days" 5/30
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