Friday, October 05, 2007 Interviews Three's Company Bartenders

Our good friend Eric at has put a new show, this time for his Recurring Character Central segment. It is Friday night and what better night for a drink. He has brought back both bartenders from Three's Company for the very first time. This is the very first time they have spoken to each other as Paul Ainsley was the main bartenders from seasons 1-4 and Brad Blaisdell was for seasons 5-8. Join Eric as he talks to "Jim the Bartender" and "Mike the Bartender" about Three's Company, the greatness and niceness of John Ritter, inside stories, their careers, and much more. This is a very nice half-hour interview that even features trivia questions for both actors submitted by me! I think I stumped them, but you'll have to listen yourself!
To listen to this wonderful interview, click HERE!

We shall return if we have any other news. Come on back.