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Final Week of 2009-2010 TV Ratings and Analysis; How the Sitcoms Did; 2009-2010 Final Network Averages

Final Week TV Ratings (final three nights of the season, Mon-Wed finals):

Households: 1. Fox 9.3/15.1 rating/share; 2. CBS 7.4/12.3; 3. ABC 7.1/11.7; 4. NBC 3.7/6.1; 5. The CW 0.6/0.9
Total Viewers: 1. Fox 16.44 million; 2. CBS 11.87 million; 3. ABC 10.91 million; 4. NBC 5.96 million; 5. The CW 830,000 viewers
Adults 18-49: 1. Fox 5.6/15.1 rating/share; 2. CBS 3.0/8.6; 3. ABC 2.7/7.7; 4. NBC 2.1/5.9; 5. The CW 0.4/1.0

Week 36 (May 24-30) Analysis: For the final week of the TV season, only the first three nights of the week count for the TV season, so this is only a 1/2 week. Summer season started on Thursday. For the final three nights of the season, Fox was in front thanks to two nights of Idol, followed by CBS and ABC who battled for second. Last week, week 35, CBS won the final full week in HH/viewers but ABC won the week in 18-49 thanks to a strong LOST finale. ABC was second in HH/viewers, while Fox was second in 18-49. Fox was third in HH/viewers, while CBS was third in 18-49. So that left NBC fourth across the board again.

On the final Monday of the season, it was ABC with the win in viewers but CBS in 18-49. ABC started with The Finals of Dancing with the Stars, as a 1-hour edition did 19.36 million and a 4.0 18-49 rating, on par really from previous week when it was 90-minutes. From 9-11pm, ABC launched an all-new season of The Bachelorette doing a respectable 9.08 million and a 2.8 18-49 rating, up some from last season's premiere, as ABC will air this in the summer. CBS started off the night with the season finale of How I Met Your Mother doing 8.05 million and a 3.5 18-49 rating, up from previous week. A new Rules of Engagement was next doing 8.1 million and 3.2 18-49, also up from the previous week. Then at 9pm the season finale of Two and a Half Men did 15.46 million and a 5.0 18-49 rating, up sharply from the previous week when it faced Dancing directly. Then the season finale of The Big Bang Theory was next and did 15.02 million and a 5.3 18-49 rating... excellent and on par really from previous week, as it didn't face Dancing directly for the second straight week. CBS closed the night with the season finale of CSI: Miami at 12.38 million and a 3.3 18-49 rating, up from previous week as the series heads to Sundays next season. Fox devoted the night to the series finale of 24 and it did 8.94 million and a 2.8 18-49, both down a tad from previous week when it was only an hour. For a series finale it went out quietly. NBC was of course in fourth with a two-hour season finale of Chuck at 5.01 million and a 1.8 18-49, down week-to-week when it was only an hour. At 10pm, the series finale of Law & Order did 7.84 million and 1.9 18-49 rating, up some from previous week when it was two-hours. Over at The CW, they are in repeats now, with Gossip Girl at 8pm doing just 800,000 viewers and a 0.3 18-49 rating. Then at 9pm a repeat of One Tree Hill did an even worse 570,000 viewers and a 0.2 18-49 rating, needless to say these don't repeat well at all.

On the final Tuesday of the season, Fox has a slim lead in total viewers over ABC, Fox had a comfortable lead in 18-49. Fox aired the final Tuesday edition of American Idol doing 20.7 million and a 6.7 18-49 rating in the 8pm hour, up in viewers from previous week but 18-49 was the exact same. Then an all-new episode of Glee aired and did 11.37 million and a 4.8 18-49 rating, on par really from previous week again. The season isn't over yet, and will spill a bit into summer...I don't think the ratings will be this high this week. CBS was all-new and started with the season finale of NCIS doing 16.3 million and a 3.3 18-49 rating, up a bit in viewers from previous week, but 18-49 rating remained the same. The spin-off NCIS: Los Angeles followed with its season finale doing 13.23 million and a 2.7 18-49 rating, down from previous week and a series low in 18-49. And finally The Good Wife closed the night its season finale episode doing 10.6 million but only a 2.0 18-49 rating, for a series low. ABC started off the night with Dancing with the Stars repeat from Monday doing 9.4 million and a 1.6 18-49 rating, not bad for a repeat of a reality competition series. Then two-hour season finale of Dancing with the Stars was next with 18.4 million and a 3.9 18-49 rating, on a very competitive nigh. Congrats to Nicole Scherzinger taking home the trophy. NBC started with the two-hour season finale of The Biggest Loser doing a solid 9.96 million and a 3.9 18-49 rating, up sharply from the previous week. The season finale of Parenthood was next doing 6.02 million and a 2.6 18-49 rating, down a tad from previous week with the added competition this week. The CW aired more repeats as a repeat of Life UneXpected and a repeat of 90210 did only 770,000 viewers and 510,000 viewers. 18-49 rating was worse at 0.3 and 0.2.

On Wednesday, the final night of the season, Fox prevailed again with Idol. A new American Idol was crowned along with a send-off for Simon Cowell, which spiked the ratings a bit to 24.22 million and a 8.2 18-49 rating, up over 5 million from previous week and two full points in 18-49. The finale was from 8-10:07pm. CBS started with a special repeat of Undercover Boss doing 5.99 million and a 1.5 18-49 rating. I think the show will be down a lot next fall when it returns. Next CBS aired the season finale of Criminal Minds and did 12.97 million and a 3.1 18-49 rating, down only some week-to-week with the Idol finale even airing. CSI: NY closed the night with its season finale at 10pm with 11.96 million and a 2.7 18-49 rating, up some from previous week. The series will move to Fridays in the fall. ABC preempted its regular line-up of comedies for the network television premiere of the movie Transformers and did a decent 4.83 million and a 1.8 18-49 rating, growing each half-hour. NBC gaveway to repeats for the entire night as a two-hour a repeat of Minute to Win It did just 2.96 million and a 0.9 18-49 rating, ouch. At 10pm a repeat of Law & Order: SVU did 3.91 million and a 1.1 18-49 rating, on par from previous week's repeat at 9pm. The CW aired a repeat of America's Next Top Model at 8 doing 1.18 million and a 0.5 18-49 rating. Best repeater for the network it seems and this is a reality series. At 9pm another repeat did 1.16 million and a 0.5 18-49 rating again.

Starting from Thursday on, the summer season started! So we won't do an analysis, but stay tuned all summer to see how your favorite network sitcoms are doing!

Week 36 How the Sitcoms Did

Last Sunday Sitcoms (counts for week 35-- May 17-23)

  • 'Til Death (Fox) - An all-new episode only mustered 2.16 million, down a bit from the previous week.
  • The Simpsons (Fox) 2 airings - A repeat episode at 7:30pm did 2.85 million, down some from previous week's repeat. The season finale at 8pm did 5.75 million and a 2.5 18-49 rating...down from previous week as competition from ABC's LOST finale was too much.
  • The Cleveland Show (Fox) - The season finale did 4.94 million and a 2.4 18-49 rating, like the lead-in down also from previous week in both measures.
  • Family Guy (Fox) - The one-hour season finale did 6.31 million and a 3.1 18-49 rating. Down sharply from previous week like the rest of the night as the LOST finale got going.
  • American Dad (Fox) - preempted.

Monday Sitcoms

  • How I Met Your Mother (CBS) - The season finale perked up to 8.05 million and a 3.5 18-49 rating, up from previous week.
  • Rules of Engagement (CBS) - 8.1 million and a 3.2 18-49 rating for the season finale, up from previous week and still did build a bit in viewers from lead-in.
  • Two and a Half Men (CBS) - The season finale did 15.46 million and a 5.0 18-49 rating, up sharply from previous week as it didn't face Dancing directly.
  • The Big Bang Theory (CBS) - The season finale did 15.02 million and a 5.3 18-49 rating, Viewers was exactly the same as previous week, but 18-49 rating was down 2 tenths from previous week.
  • Romantically Challenged (ABC) - preempted.

Tuesday Sitcoms

  • None.

Wednesday Sitcoms
  • Old Christine (CBS) - preempted
  • The Middle (ABC) - preempted.
  • Modern Family (ABC) - preempted.
  • Cougar Town (ABC) - preempted.

Thursday Sitcoms

  • Community (NBC) - A repeat did only a prelim 2.98 million and a 0.9 18-49 rating. It's going to be a long summer for the NBC comedies.
  • 100 Questions (NBC) - The series premiere did only 2.48 million and 0.8 18-49 rating. Maybe the lowest rated sitcom premiere ever? These are final numbers.
  • The Office (NBC) 2 airings - A repeat at 9 did a prelim 2.99 million and a 1.3 18-49 rating, sharply going up in 18-49 from the lead-in. A repeat at 10pm did a prelim 2.63 million and a 1.2 18-49 rating.
  • 30 Rock (NBC) - At 9:30pm a repeat did a prelim 2.82 million and a 1.2 18-49 rating, not too good.
  • Parks & Recreation (NBC) - A repeat at 10:30pm only did a prelim 2.33 million and a 1.1 18-49 rating. This sitcom won't be back until mid-season 2011 with new episodes.

Friday Sitcoms

  • None.

Saturday Sitcoms

  • None.

Airing tonight (Sunday) are no comedies.

Summing it up. The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Rules of Engagement, & How I Met Your Mother were impressive this week. Everything was OK (such as repeats of The Office) or just plain old terrible (such as 100 Questions, Community repeat).

Final 2009-2010 TV Season Ratings (9/21/09-5/26/10):

Households: 1. CBS 7.2/12 rating/share; 2. Fox 5.8/9; 3. ABC 5.5/9; 4. NBC 5.1/8.
Total Viewers: 1. CBS 11.78 million; 2. Fox 9.99 million; 3. ABC 8.64 million; 4. NBC 8.22 million; 5. The CW 2.0 million.
Adults 18-49: 1. Fox 3.7/10 rating/share; 2. CBS 3.2/9; 3. ABC 2.7/7; 4. NBC 2.7/7; 5. The CW 0.9/2.
Adults 25-54: 1. Fox 4.1/10 rating/share; 2. CBS 4.1/10; 3. ABC 3.2/8; 4. NBC 3.2/8.
Adults 18-34: 1. Fox 3.2/10 rating/share; 2. CBS 2.2/7; 3. ABC 2.2/7; 4. NBC 2.2/7; 5. The CW 1.1/2.
(Please note, NBC's ratings includes 17 nights of Winter Olympics and CBS's ratings includes the Super Bowl.)

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Sitcoms Airing Tonight

Tuesday, March 28

The Middle - "Look Who's Not Talking" (ABC, 8:00PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
Although excited about finding a new discount store that sells oddly shaped fruits and vegetables, Frankie is devastated when Axl refuses to talk to her or even answer her texts after inadvertently admitting how she feels about April in front of him. Meanwhile, Brick develops a new quirky tick in the form of a repetitive phrase and lands in detention, and Brad surprises Sue by coming out for a weekend visit at her college.

American Housewife - "Surprise" (ABC, 8:30PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
Oliver tells his parents that he’s so embarrassed by their modest house that he’d rather not have a birthday party at all. Katie decides to teach him a lesson by ambushing him with a surprise party at home with all his wealthy friends.

American Housewife - "The Man Date" (ABC, 9:00PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
Greg is delighted to finally have made a friend in Westport, fellow history buff Stan (guest star Timothy Omundson), but Katie isn’t as happy, especially since Stan is married to her nemesis, Chloe Brown Mueller (Jessica St. Clair).

Fresh Off the Boat - "The Taming of the Dads" (ABC, 9:30PM ET/PT) (Repeat)
To celebrate their one-year anniversary, Eddie reluctantly agrees to take Alison to the see a modern remake of Romeo and Juliet. But when Louis and Alison’s dad bond over their love of Shakespeare and crash their date, Alison wonders if she and Eddie’s relationship has lost its spark. Meanwhile, Jessica gets called for jury duty and campaigns to be the “Jury Boss,” and Emery and Evan struggle with the responsibilities of raising a Tamagotchi digital pet.

New Girl - "San Diego" (Fox, 8:00PM ET/PT)
As Jess continues to stay with her dad (guest star Rob Reiner) in Portland, they unexpectedly help one another with their love lives. Meanwhile, Nick turns to a reluctant Aly for help with his relationship with Reagan, and Schmidt contemplates using his first name.

The Mick - "The Bully" (Fox, 8:30PM ET/PT)
The tables are turned when a cyber bully targets Sofia, leading Mickey to come up with a plan for revenge. Meanwhile, Jimmy teaches Chip and Ben how to be self-sufficient, resulting in a painful disaster.

Trial & Error - "Right-Hand Man" (NBC, 9:00PM ET/PT)
A new piece of evidence emerges that leads Josh (Nicholas D'Agosto) an unlikely, and dangerous, new suspect: Larry's (John Lithgow) brother-in-law, Jeremiah Jefferson Davis. Meanwhile, the case takes another turn when the search for the murder weapon leads Dwayne (Steven Boyer) to find a dismembered human arm.

Trial & Error - "Secrets & Lies" (NBC, 9:30PM ET/PT)
As Josh (Nicholas D'Agosto) focuses on his new suspect, Larry (John Lithgow) insists on taking a lie-detector test to help prove his innocence, but the results drop a bombshell on the case and the family. Dwayne (Steven Boyer) briefly becomes a hometown celebrity as the man who found an arm in the lake, and the team gets a surprising new benefactor.

The Detour - "The Heat" (TBS, 10:00PM ET/PT)
The Parkers settle into a seemingly normal New York City routine but are being surveilled by federal agents who see more than they had suspected they would see.

Mann & Wife - "Take Me to the Mann" (Bounce TV, 9:00PM ET/PT)
The new Lieutenant arrives at the precinct, and everyone soon learns that she and Hobbs have a romantic past; A cable installer confuses Toni for singer Tamela Mann.

Mann & Wife - "Pressured by the Mann" (Bounce TV, 9:30PM ET/PT)
Toni faces a moral dilemma when the administrators at her school decide to change the students' standardized test results; Hobbs' mother brings her new fiance for a visit.

Complete TV Listings

Sitcom Stars on Talk Shows (Week of March 27)

Tuesday, March 28

  • Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) - Catch Alec on a repeat of Jimmy Kimmel Live! at 11:35pm on ABC.
  • Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) - Jason is a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon at 11:34pm on NBC.
  • Hank Azaria (The Simpsons/Free Agents/Herman's Head) - Hank visits The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at 11:35pm on CBS.
  • Kate Walsh (Bad Judge/The Drew Carey Show) - Kate appears on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert at 11:35pm on CBS.
  • Kristen Bell (The Good Place) - Kristen stops by The Late Late Show with James Corden at 12:37am on CBS.
  • Cheryl Hines (Son of Zorn/Suburgatory/Curb Your Enthusiasm) - Cheryl is a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden at 12:37am on CBS.
  • Adam Pally (Making History/The Mindy Project/Happy Endings) - Adam drops by Last Call with Carson Daly at 1:35am on NBC.
  • Judy Greer (Married/Mad Love/Miss Guided) - Judy appears on Conan at 11pm on TBS.
  • Kevin James (Kevin Can Wait/The King of Queens) - Kevin is a guest on LIVE! with Kelly, so check your listings.
  • Chelsea Handler (Are You There, Chelsea?) - Chelsea drops by LIVE! with Kelly, so check your listings.
  • Randall Park (Fresh Off the Boat) - Randall appears on LIVE! with Kelly, so check your listings.
  • Busy Philipps (Cougar Town) - Busy guest co-hosts LIVE! with Kelly, so check your listings.
  • Keke Palmer (Scream Queens/True Jackson, VP) - Keke reveals what it’s really like being a child star, plus, the truth behind her struggles with anxiety and depression on The Dr. Oz Show, so check your local listings.
  • Todd Grinnell (One Day at a Time/Four Kings) - Todd appears on Home & Family on Hallmark Channel at 10am ET/PT.
  • Richard Dreyfuss (Your Family or Mine) - Richard talks about Shots Fired on NBC's Today in the 9am hour.
  • George Lopez (Lopez/George Lopez) - George chats with the ladies of The View on ABC at 11am ET/10am CT-PT.
  • Melissa Peterman (Baby Daddy/Reba) - Melissa share her recipe for Mexican pizza on People Now at 8:30am.
  • Jenna Elfman (Imaginary Mary/1600 Penn/Accidentally on Purpose/Courting Alex/Dharma & Greg) and Rachel Dratch (Imaginary Mary) - Jenna and Rachel talk about Imaginary Mary on the AOL Build Show at 12:30pm.
  • Sutton Foster (Younger) - Sutton talks about Younger on a repeat of The Wendy Williams Show at 2am on BET or on your local stations.